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Bonk Price Bullish Following Betting Game Announcement, Could New Gamblefi Token Meme Kombat Also Surge?

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Amid a broader market uptick, Bonk has seen outstanding gains, pumping over 32% this week and 4% today.

Yet this is not the only meme coin displaying bullish potential. Presale token Meme Kombat is surging toward its sellout, with just $1.2 million left until its IEO.

Bonk Surges With Fundamental Advancements Triggering 41% Volume Uptick 

Meme coins are often criticized for lacking utility-driven demand. Bonk is one such crypto, but announcements in the last day have reshaped the token’s perceived destiny, with a betting game and listing on Revolut introducing a new outlook.

News benefitted the Bonk price, which has seen over 40% increase from early February.

Currently priced at $0.00001395, Bonk has experienced a 4% uptick today, 32% this week, but just 1.33% this month. It is also down 58% from its December 15 ATH of $0.00003419.

The recent announcements have also triggered a 41% rise in 24-hour trading volume, currently at $177 million.

Analyzing its weekly price chart, Bonk is flirting with its recent downtrend’s final lower high.

Closing above this price would confirm a reversal, validating arguments for a macro-uptrend continuation.

The excitement follows the Bonk team tweeting about a “cool community-built thing to do with your BONK” in the form of the Play-to-Earn game Bonk or Bust.

It tweeted about Bonk or Bust on Monday, highlighting the project’s innovative approach to forging BONK utility. The tweet was well-received, garnering over 33K views, 600 likes, and 80 retweets.

Bonk or Bust enables players to gamble on Solana and Bitcoin 60-second price action using $BONK as collateral.

Meanwhile, an announcement that Bonk will be listed on digital banking giant Revolut also triggered excitement. 

Revolut features a crypto investing platform, offering a seamless on-ramping process for market participants.

It will list Bonk in its “Learn and Earn” campaign, aimed at expanding the platform’s user base by 500,000.

Revolut already boasts 38 million users, many of whom may seek an alternative meme coin ahead of the looming crypto bull market.

A fast-moving 24 hours for Bonk is reflected in its price chart, drawing anticipation for a trend continuation.

TradingView analyst FieryTrading noted a bull flag breakout yesterday, speculating it will precede a surge to $0.00004.

“After an initial push in February, BONK has now successfully broken out of a short-term bull-flag, making it more likely for the bulls to keep the trend. My idea is that BONK will likely return towards the ATH value of around $0.00004,” said the analyst.

But with its market cap over $870 million, many traders seek emerging alternatives that could outpace Bonk in the coming months.

Given its GambleFi roots, one promising option is Meme Kombat. The project is undergoing a highly successful presale, raising over $8.8 million so far.

Last Chance To Buy Meme Kombat Presale With Under $1.2M Until Its IEO

Offering a seamless blend of meme coin allure, high-octane gambling utility, and passive staking rewards, Meme Kombat has burst onto the scene as one of the hottest new altcoins.

The presale has raised over $8.8 million, illustrating a nod of approval from the investor community. However, Meme Kombat is also championed by top analysts and media outlets, illustrating its mass-market appeal and long-term potential.

In a recent analysis, YouTuber ClayBro labeled it as having potential for “huge price growth.”

Meanwhile, heavyweight media outlets like Business Insider, BeInCrypto, and Cointelegraph have all picked up on the presale.

But this raises the question of what is all the hype about?

Ultimately, Meme Kombat presents an unprecedented use case, enabling users to gamble on AI-generated battles between meme coin characters. 

They gamble with the $MK token, providing a steady demand stream that aligns with the platform’s popularity.

Meanwhile, holders can compound their investment by depositing $MK in the project’s staking dashboard. It currently provides a 107% APY, but this will decrease as more tokens are staked. 

Staking encourages long-term holding while providing another demand stream, adding to the project’s robust tokenomics.

But with less than $1.2 million until its IEO, market participants face their last opportunity to buy Meme Kombat at its fixed, presale price.

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