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Bonk’s Revolut Listing Fails To Impact Price – $GFOX Presale Hits $3.5M

Bonk’s Revolut Listing Fails To Impact Price - $GFOX Presale Hits $3.5M
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Crypto has broken into the mainstream TradFi world in a big way with the Bitcoin ($BTC) Spot ETFs. The rampant demand for $BTC exposure has surprised even crypto natives, and now FinTech companies want in on the boom. Revolut has been pushing into the crypto space in recent years and has made a bold move to list Bonk ($BONK), Solana’s leading memecoin.

Surely this makes $BONK the top crypto to buy now? Think again. Bonk’s Revolut listing fails to impact price. What does this mean? Investor fatigue has grown, and this listing will only provide exit liquidity for early buyers. All the action is taking place with up-and-coming memecoins. For example, the Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) presale hitting $3.5 million. Plenty of money will be made on small caps in the next twelve to eighteen months.

Bonk ($BONK) Revolut Listing Fails To Move the Needle 

Bonk changed the memecoin space this cycle. Its massive rise late last year started the firing pistol on a Solana-native memecoin season, and $BONK’s aim of recapitalizing the ecosystem has been a veritable success. Why is Bonk trading almost sideways, down 2% on the weekly despite the news of a Revolut listing? Despite being a top crypto to buy in 2023, markets are waking up to Bonk’s enormous market cap ($750 million) and realizing it can no longer produce the type of returns that made it famous.

All memecoins follow a similar journey- a presale, launching on a DEX, and finally, CEX listing. The CEX listing is the worst place to buy, and investors are basically exit-liquidity for earlier buyers. The flat price action surrounding the Revolut listing announcement is point and case. Make no mistake, $BONK will catch a bid when retail returns to markets when majors reclaim ATHs, but the real gains are taking place in the trenches.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Presale Hits $3.5 Million

Galaxy Fox exists on the other side of the coin, and this up-and-coming meme token has been sailing through its presale. Crossing the $3.5 million market is a massive event and meme tokens that manage to cross the $2 million mark more often than not shoot for the $100 million range. Galaxy Fox’s new hybrid model is driving this early momentum, and investors bullish on GameFi and rising memecoin speculation now have the perfect investment vehicle.

It takes the classic memecoin build, including a viral aesthetic and marketing plan alongside deflationary tokenomics, and integrates a P2E game. Galaxy Fox’s endless runner in classic Web3 style pays out prizes to the top-ranked players, and each season, players all over the world have a chance to win part of the prize pool.

Staking rewards are another big hitter in this ecosystem, and all $GFOX holders earn payouts aligned with ecosystem activity. This stakeholder positioning is ideal for heading into a bull market with heightened market activity, and due to still being in its presale, it is one of the top cryptos to buy right now.

Getting in during the presale is the best place to buy a memecoin, and launching in bullish conditions is further rocket fuel for the Galaxy Fox journey. Price predictions already forecast a 100X rally before the end of the year, and presale participants have been warned to strap in. 

Closing Thoughts: Smalls Caps Positioned To Outshine Current Leaders 

The top crypto to buy this year will be a small cap rising from the ranks and challenging the established hierarchy. Catching gems in their presales is how 100Xs happen, and Bonk’s flat trading despite the Revolut announcement should show investors all they need to see.

Galaxy Fox is precisely this type of up-and-comer, and its novel design challenges what it means to be a memecoin. Buying $GFOX today in its presale is like buying $BONK before its massive run. Don’t miss a second opportunity. Participate in the Galaxy Fox ICO today. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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