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Breaking Through: Bitgert Coin’s Journey to Prominence in the Crypto World

Now that the crypto world is starting to adapt to a more bullish momentum due to the Bitcoin Post-halving effect, it’s finally time for Bitgert’s rise to prominence. Generally, the coin has shown a lot of positive potential to get major investors interested in what it might have to offer in the coming weeks. 

As we progress, we’ve seen a gradual build-up of use cases for BRISE via the on-chain activity of the coin and a continuous interest from investors who want to earn from all the opportunities that Bitgert offers. 

This post aims to explore the Bitgert coin’s journey to prominence and to review the potential of what this coin could achieve in the right market conditions. 

Bitgert Coin, The Future of Cryptocurrency Trading

Bitgert aims some of the most pressing issues plaguing cryptocurrencies: scalability, speed, and transaction fees. Seeing that these are issues that also affect major layer 1 cryptocurrency gives Bitgerts an advantage that everybody would want. 

Traditional blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum often struggle with handling a high volume of transactions in short processing times. Let’s not even get started on the exorbitant fees it costs for each of these transactions. 

Bitgert tackles these problems head-on with its innovative blockchain that processes up to 100,000 transactions per second (TPS). This lightning-fast speed, coupled with incredibly low gas fees is a peek into a haven for most traders and Bitgert promises all these in a seamless and cost-effective trading experience for all users.

How High Can Bitgert Go? 

The potential of what Bitgert will achieve shortly remains to be discovered. However, many pointers/signs show what a reasonable expectation from Bitgert should look like. 

Some of the factors that will propel the growth of Bitgert include:

  • Exchange listing 
  • Burning mechanism 
  • Technological Innovation 
  • Community growth 
  • Real-world use cases

Although any two off the list are capable of producing growth in any cryptocurrency, Bitgert has all five. As such, there’s no saying what we can expect from the coin. The truth is that many of its potential are currently concealed in unfavorable market conditions. In great market conditions, there’d be no limit or stop to how explosively the price value of BRISE might hit the roof. 


Bitgert is as promising as it gets for any crypto coin or token. It solves major crypto trading problems and many investors with their 6th senses for good crypto projects are already swarming in. 


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