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$BTC Comeback Rally Will Shock the Market as This Memecoin Prepares for 100X

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Retail investors flip bearish and bullish at exactly the wrong moment. Predictably like clockwork, when people start calling for lower lows, the market bounces, and the next move upward begins. Better to dispense with the bear market psyche and adopt the bullish stance. Until further notice, dips are for buying.

The Bitcoin ($BTC) comeback rally will shock the market, and smaller caps are ready to make outrageous rallies. This memecoin, Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), prepares for a 100X, and the current dip is an excellent place to load up for the 2024/2025 cycle.

The top 10 cryptos to buy now all have tremendous upside potential and this could well be the best entry point the markets give sidelined participants this cycle.

Bitcoin ($BTC) Comeback Rally Loading 

Bitcoin retraced roughly 20% from the Spot ETF approval day, which marked the local top. These large drawdowns liquidate over-leveraged players, but spot holders with firm conviction remain comfortable. These significant retracements are great value buys. The halving will occur in less than 100 days, and the year after a halving has always contained a massive rally.

Forecast to cruise past six figures this cycle $BTC’s comeback rally will shock the market, and altcoins will start sending as they ride on the coattails. Several of the world’s largest asset managers are openly shilling Bitcoin, and as soon as Powell starts cutting rates, the billions of dollars parked in treasuries will act as rocket fuel for risk assets.

Now that $BTC is available in standard brokerage accounts, expect far greater allocation from larger investors and a steady inflow of funds supporting price. Bitcoin is the obvious answer to those asking which crypto to buy today for long-term exposure to the industry.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Preparing For 100X Takeoff

Galaxy Fox is gearing up for a massive launch and price discovery phase- already listed as a leader among the top 10 cryptos to buy now. This memecoin will launch in perfect conditions later this year, and small caps going to market in bullish sentiment is the perfect recipe for 100X gains.

Uniquely positioned in the memecoin narrative and the GameFi narrative thanks to its P2E component. $GFOX is one of the only cryptos that has dual exposure to two of 2024’s strongest narratives. Its addictive runner game pays out prizes to the top-ranked players and acts as a perfect onboarding funnel for new users keen to turn gaming skills into cash.

NFTs add a new dimension to the competition with holders gaining in-game stat bonuses, and staking rewards explain the mass participation in this ICO. $GFOX holders stake their tokens in the Stargate module and start earning payouts immediately post-launch. Taxes fund these payouts, and introducing a correlation between ecosystem activity and rewards turns $GFOX holders into stakeholders.

The tokenomics are excellent, and the protocol’s token burn guarantees a constantly decreasing supply. As staking payouts climb and the available supply of $GFOX drops, expect a massive squeeze to the upside. A top crypto to invest in for anybody looking to net 100X returns this cycle. $GFOX’s journey is only just starting. 

Closing Thoughts: Buy $GFOX Today

Markets are firmly in bull territory, and the long-term upward trend has yet to break. In six months, investors will wish they had bought at these prices, and small caps are ready to print phenomenal returns.

Given their enormous upside potential, ICOs and presales make up the majority of the top 10 cryptos to buy now. Small-cap gems like $GFOX can easily fly in the coming months, and participating in the Galaxy Fox presale today is a first-class ticket to 100X returns. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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