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$BTC New ATH Incoming? $GFOX Presale Closes On a High Note As Price Set to Moon

$BTC New ATH Incoming? $GFOX Presale Closes On a High Note As Price Set to Moon
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Investors need to strap in. The most exciting phase of the bull market is set to begin. Retail is on the precipice of flooding back into markets, which means a massive surge incoming for memecoins while institutional investors unload the infinite TWAP bid into $BTC. On-chain investors need to be positioned on both sides of this dynamic.

What cryptos to buy now? Bitcoin ($BTC) and memecoins. This is the best risk-adjusted performance trade of the current cycle. Bitcoin breaks above $70K- new ATH incoming? And investors have one last chance to buy this memecoin, Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), before it moons. 

Bitcoin ($BTC) Looks to Set New ATH

Bitcoin bulls are firmly back in the driving seat after the leader among the top ten cryptocurrencies Is still hovering near the $70,000 level. ETF inflows and post-halving price forecasts are driving this leg up, and with several weeks left before the issuance gets cut in half, Bitcoin is a top crypto to buy now. Although volatility is still anticipated in the days to come, with price currently sitting just below $70K.

Like clockwork, every four years, $BTC enjoys an explosive rally in the year following the halving, and this cycle will be no exception. This is the natural result of supply and demand dynamics. Demand for $BTC ownership has already outstripped issuance from miners, explaining the nearly vertical price action in past months.

Block rewards will fall from 6.25 $BTC to 3.125 $BTC, which will only worsen the current supply dynamic. This is excellent news for Bitcoin holders, who can expect the value of their Sats to continue soaring in the coming months. The path to $100,000 is clear. What cryptos to buy now as $BTC prepares to set a new ATH? $BTC and memecoins.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Ready to Moon 

Galaxy Fox is ready to moon, and with its presale already 97% sold out, anybody who wants to become an early adopter in one of 2024’s best cryptocurrencies to buy will have to move fast. Going to market in ideal launch conditions, expect a massive price discovery phase for $GFOX, and Bitcoin setting a new ATH always leads to an influx of retail investors who love buying memecoins.

The confluence of memecoin mania, $BTC approaching ATH, and the growing excitement for Ethereum ($ETH) Spot ETFs lays the groundwork for 100X opportunities, and Galaxy Fox is one of these. Its hybrid model delivers memecoin upside but with the entertainment and earning potential of a P2E project. Its addictive Web3 runner game pays out prizes each season and acts as an organic interest funnel into the broader ecosystem.

But why is $GFOX expected to moon? The $GFOX tokenomics are on another level, which is why this presale has enjoyed blockbuster success in funding. Several mechanisms will activate post-launch, leading to the market repricing $GFOX. First, the token burn aggressively removes tokens from circulation, increasing scarcity and reducing supply. Second, staking rewards mean all $GFOX holders can earn passive income. Cash-producing assets always command a premium, and this will increase demand for Galaxy Fox.

While Bitcoin has constant demand meeting falling supply, Galaxy Fox will enjoy falling supply meeting rising demand when it goes to market. The $GFOX presale is now closed and the rocket is cleared for takeoff. 

Closing Thoughts: The Perfect Barbell Portfolio $BTC & $GFOX

Institutional demand for $BTC makes it easy money. $GFOX going to market amidst memecoin mania is again easy money. The perfect barbell portfolio and the best answer to what cryptos to buy now is a blend between the two.

Bitcoin setting a new ATH means a retail frenzy, and those who were smart enough to take advantage of the $GFOX presale are strapped in for a powerful ride. Once it gets aggressively repriced by the retail market, sparks are going to fly. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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