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Bull Run 2024: Here Are 4 Cryptocurrencies Poised For A 10x In The Bull Cycle

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  • Despite excellent financial and blockchain support, Sei still needs to prove itself.
  • Dymension offers more drawbacks as a brand-new project with unknown investment and technological potential.
  • Greater gains are expected for Rebel Satoshi once it officially goes live and debuts on exchanges.
  • Rebel Satoshi offers the best chances to achieve a 10x return as a rebel-themed meme coin soon to launch.

The anticipated 2024 bull run consists of mostly new projects, each presenting a case of being the best cryptos to invest in. Here, we have Sei (SEI), Dymension (DYM), and Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) as potential options.

Alternatively, Render (RNDR) appeals to investors who prefer a more established name. Let’s look at the potential of each blockchain, beginning with Sei. 

Sei Remains An Unproven Project Despite Having Strong Financial And Blockchain Backing

Sei is the third latest cryptocurrency among the four mentioned names (released in August 2023). It claims to be the ‘fastest layer 1 blockchain,’ boasting 20,000 transactions per second. Most platforms tend to perform well below these high standards, meaning only time will tell if Sei can live up to them.

Sei serves the trading market within crypto sectors like NFTs, decentralized exchanges, and GameFi. The former faces the same challenge as Dymension of competition, making it hard for the project to stand out.

On the positive side, large financial institutions like Multicoin Capital and Coinbase have funded Sei, with Cosmos providing blockchain support.

SEI rose an incredible 877% from $0.09 when it launched to an all-time high of $0.088. Yet, it has dropped 22% to $0.69, with forecasts implying a minimum end-of-2024 value of $1

Render Is Rough Around The Edges As A Top Decentralized GPU Rendering Platform

Render Network is the most interesting project of this quartet, focused on decentralized GPU rendering. The first advantage is that it has relatively few competitors, given the specialization of this sector. Render boasts impressive technology for rendering, with a large user base and demand for people to use its service. 

The main downside enthusiasts have pointed out about Render is whether there is a genuine need for it. Many believe adding blockchain technology doesn’t offer much value to GPU rendering. There are also concerns about token ownership, with a single wallet holding 29% of the circulating supply, according to Etherscan data.

Regardless, Render does have potential, even though it needs to improve in many areas. RNDR is up 32% over the past few weeks from $3.51 to $4.65. Moreover, estimates suggest RNDR may be worth at least $10 before the end of 2024.

It’s Still Early Days For Dymension

Dymension is the second-most recent project on this list, going live on February 6, 2024. The developers of this platform describe it as the ‘Home of the RollApps.’ It’s a modular blockchain for securing and interconnecting rollups, a form of layer-2 network.

As is often the case with new ICOs, the DYM token surged upon release, rising 315.5% from $2 to an all-time high of $8.31.

Even during Dymension’s nascent stages, some concerns already exist over a single validator or entity owning over 35% of DYM tokens. Moreover, it’s hard to gauge the blockchain’s potential given its recency and the competitive space it operates in, making it the riskiest bet.

Regardless, forecasts indicate DYM can close 2024 trading at a minimum of $15. Finally, let’s conclude this comparative guide with Rebel Satoshi.

Rebel Satoshi Is Poised to DeFy Financial Systems

Rebel Satoshi is the newest crypto compared to the rest. It’s a community-driven meme token inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto to defy centralized financial systems. Rebel Satoshi is a movement to spearhead decentralized finance, ensuring more monetary freedom for all. 

Aside from this noble goal, Rebel Satoshi also blends rebel philosophies, memes, and elements from the best DeFi projects like staking and NFTs. These are possible with the $RBLZ token, an Ethereum-based coin with a fixed supply of 250 million. 

The perks of owning $RBLZ include passive income from staking the token to maintain blockchain security. Users wishing to celebrate Rebel Satoshi‘s story can use $RBLZ to own one of 9,999 symbolic collectibles and digital art characters. Early backers with the most $RBLZ holdings can get extra benefits. These include induction into the Rebel Meme Hall of Fame and governance power in the Rebellion Secret Council.

$RBLZ is the subject of Rebel Satoshi‘s presale, which has entered the last round before it concludes on February 29, 2024. The token is worth $0.024, already over 2x higher than the first round when it was worth $0.010.

$0.025 is the launch price when $RBLZ is listed on exchanges next month, with 10x or better gains predicted.

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram


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