California passes law for vans and trucks to shun diesel by 2045

California passes law to ban all petrol and diesel vans and trucks by 2045
2 years ago
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Californian lawmakers have passed a new regulation that compels all commercial vans and trucks to be zero-emission by 2045. The new rule announced on June 28 will be enforced to shift the transport sector from dirty diesel engines toward cleaner alternatives. Vehicles can then use electricity and hydrogen power for their engines.

That rule is just one in a series of conditions that must be met by 2045. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) will need all vans and trucks operating within the state to be electric. But, the transition will start earlier with authorities highlighting that 50% of all trucks sold by 2035 must be zero-emission.

Also, all the short-haul vehicles in rail yards and ports must go fully electric by 2035. Transition starts with small changes that are scheduled to be enforced from 2024. Though trucks make up a mere 7% of all vehicles operating on California’s roads, they rank among the worst polluters.

Trucks account for 70% of smog-related pollution and 80% of carcinogenic diesel particulates, according to CARB. These new measures are expected to help California meet its climate and air quality targets, especially in metropolitan areas like Los Angeles.

Not the only jurisdiction

California is not the only jurisdiction that is passing laws to ban the sale of combustion engine vehicles. The United Kingdom is also banning the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2035.

A while ago, government advisors said that the UK should bring the ban forward to 2032. Bringing the ban forward will enable the country to meet its climate goals. Although such laws sound drastic and impractical, they send a loud statement to the public and carmakers.

The authorities in these jurisdictions need users and carmakers to move away from petrol and diesel-powered vehicles soon enough. Parts of Germany are reportedly banning all sales of new petrol and diesel cars, vans, and trucks, by 2030.

Last week, Volkswagen said that one of its factories had manufactured its last combustion engine vehicle. From now henceforth, the factory will only produce electric vehicles.

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