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Celestia and Bitcoin Cash See Bullish Trends, but NuggetRush’s Upcoming Launch Steals the Spotlight with Promising Prospects

Press Releases


  • Celestia (TIA) has jumped to an all-time high shortly after its mid-January decline.
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has fallen below the $250 range despite excitement around spot Bitcoin ETFs.
  • NuggetRush’s (NUGX) 80% increase marks its growth potential in the gaming industry.

Celestia (TIA) jumped to an all-time high in the second week of February. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) holders call for a spot ETF, hoping for a market boost similar to Bitcoin.

Still, NuggetRush’s (NUGX) fame is rising as analysts say its 80% increase indicates strong growth potential. The network features a mining game where you can win real gold. Yet, can NUGX challenge other top ICO networks? Let’s hear what NUGX backers say.

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Celestia Jumps to All-time High

Celestia (TIA) has made a stunning recovery, rising to an all-time high (ATH) by the second week of February. Its network activity has grown since its main net launch at the end of October 2023. Celestia (TIA) holders have grown to 905,000, while its all-time transaction count rose to 1.3 million. It also recorded a slight downturn by mid-January. 

However, Celestia (TIA) has pulled off a stunning recovery. TIA traded at $12.17 on January 3. It jumped by 46.5% to $17.84 on January 19. TIA then fell by 15.1% to $15.14 on January 25 before jumping by 33.2% to its ATH of $20.17 on February 8.

Celestia’s (TIA) popularity has soared as several networks are now using its Data Availability services. On January 30, Celestia (TIA) announced a partnership with Starknet to provide data availability services to layer-3 chains. Analysts say Celestia’s network activity will remain high, pushing TIA up by 20.7% to $24.36.

Bitcoin Cash Struggles with Volatility Amid Calls for BCH ETF

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has fallen from its early January peak, disappointing investors who purchased the token. Like many altcoins, Bitcoin Cash entered a bull run as demand for Bitcoin ETFs filled the market. Yet, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fell below $250 a few days after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved spot Bitcoin ETFs.

BCH traded at $266.62 on January 1. It jumped by 3.7% to $276.53 on January 11 after the SEC approved spot BTC ETFs. BCH then fell by 16.9% to $229.54 on January 23 before a 4.7% recovery to $240.51 by February 7.

Bitcoin Cash’s (BCH) drop was surprising as investors expected it to capitalize on the bullishness around the SEC’s approval of Spot ETFs. Inflows of Spot BTC ETFs have surpassed $2.1 billion since their January launch. 

There are now growing calls for a spot ETF for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Analysts say the move would increase trading activity and spur a Bitcoin Cash rally. This could push BCH’s value up by 8.1% to $260.09.

NuggetRush Remains Fixed on MarketCap Target of $100 Million

NuggetRush (NUGX) is an open opportunity to participate in an ecosystem where you receive attractive NFT bonuses for having a love for artisanal mining. The game challenges you on every aspect of mining, from finding resource-packed areas to recruiting new workers and buying machinery for your operations.

Expanding your operations on NuggetRush (NUGX) will require increasing your mining workforce. Each mining character possesses a certain amount of luck, skill, and rarity. Some characters are better suited to help with mining operations, while others possess the right marketing skills for your business. One of your core responsibilities is recruiting workers who are best suited to boosting the efficiency of your mining activities. 

NuggetRush (NUGX) also comes with meme community advantages. Participation in its community events will give players more rewards. Furthermore, it allows collaborative efforts in its mining adventures. Players can form teams and complete tasks together. Group tasks will offer higher rewards and boosts in mining efficiency for players. 

NuggetRush (NUGX) is quickly gaining favor among many in the gaming industry. Some analysts say the rapid sale of tokens in its blockchain ICO indicates its long-term growth position. Others say NuggetRush (NUGX) could pose a threat to the most popular NFT gaming networks in 2024. There is even more excitement around NUGX’s 80% pump since its presale kicked off.

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