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Celestia Reaches $20, Then Pulls Back; InQubeta Captivates Top Investors

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Since the start of the year, Celestia’s (TIA) performance has risen above the current conditions of the market. One of the reasons for its surge is the TIA staking airdrop, attracting buyers keen on staking opportunities. Although the price of TIA recently broke beyond the $20 milestone and hit a high of $20.26, it experienced a subsequent pullback, which analysts believe to be temporary. 

On the other hand, InQubeta (QUBE) has captivated the attention of investors with its seamless integration of AI (artificial intelligence) and crypto, in addition to a successful presale. QUBE is being referred to as one of the cryptocurrencies to watch because it allows investors to use AI’s potential and explore interesting startup projects. This article delves into the ascent of Celestia, the factors influencing its decline, and the factors propelling InQubeta into the spotlight as it captivates the interest of top investors.

InQubeta’s (QUBE) Integration of AI and Blockchain Attracts Top Investors

InQubeta emerges as a beacon of opportunity and innovation in the crypto space. This platform, driven by its QUBE token, is beginning to draw interest from investors, particularly those interested in the expanding field of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency. The unique selling point of InQubeta is its ability to facilitate regular investors’ entry into AI startups. Fractional investments are now feasible with QUBE tokens, which allow investors to distribute their funds among different projects.

AI startups can create popular NFTs on the InQubeta platform that can be used as rewards or as equity in their company. It’s outstanding because it gives investors a range of direct investment options. Both startups and investors profit from the success of these cutting-edge AI ventures and the startups receive the money they need.

The staking rewards are maintained by the platform through revenue from taxes, and they increase the longer the asset is staked. QUBE is also deflationary. This system protects against the effects of inflation and contributes to price stabilization. The protocol burns tokens if the supply of tokens increases. The token burn mechanism also controls internal inflation. Some of the revenues from high tax collections are burned to keep the supply from rising.

The presale, which offers investors the opportunity to buy QUBE tokens at a discounted price, kicked off a few months ago. In an impressively short time, the crypto ICO has amassed almost $8.5 million, with over 732 million tokens sold. Since the project is in the seventh stage of a ten-stage presale, investors expect even more significant growth. Each token sells for $0.0224, and the DeFi coin price will increase to $0.0255 in the next stage. This crypto ICO has attracted top investors as the project approaches the targeted listing price of $0.0308, a 37% increase from the current stage and a return on investment (ROI) of 340% from stage 1. 

Celestia (TIA) Achieves New Heights of $20 and Suddenly Declines.

Celestia is a Layer-1 blockchain that has separate consensus and data layers. Celestia stands out in the blockchain industry and offers improved security with its cutting-edge design. It is a modular data availability network, enabling businesses to operate their execution layers on its mainnet. This adaptability encourages the development of effective, specialized blockchains, which makes the decentralized ecosystem more efficient. A notable characteristic of TIA is its data availability sampling method. This streamlines user experience and boosts overall efficiency by allowing users to confirm huge data block availability without downloading the entire blockchain.

In the first two weeks of 2024, Celestia’s native token, TIA, surged to around $20, marking a significant milestone. Celestia’s ascent can be attributed to the anticipation of the TIA staking airdrop by projects developed on the Celestia network. These airdrops are pivotal factors in driving demand because of their potential rewards. However, Celestia experienced a sudden decline from this $20 mark, but analysts believe it will bounce back and even get to $30.


The breakthrough of the $20 barrier on the Celestia network and its subsequent pullback illustrate how dynamic the crypto market can be. However, there’s no dispute about the project’s growth potential or ability to break that barrier. Conversely, InQubeta is opening the doors to the AI scene, making it accessible to everyone to participate as it draws the attention of top investors. Investment opportunities are being transformed into popular NFTs by InQubeta, enabling people to join the AI action and earn money. Click the link below to join the presale and participate in this AI revolution. 

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