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Chimpzee’s Wildlife NFT Collection Will Launch to the Public – Three Reasons Why They Could Pump

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Numerous collections are launched into the NFT market every year. But how many of them have tangible, real-world value?

Very few. NFTs can serve a wide range of use cases that solve global problems, however. The latest project that takes on the challenge is Chimpzee. The project launched a highly anticipated collection that plays a crucial role in supporting wildlife conservation initiatives.

Buying Chimpzee (CHMPZ) NFT Passports – categorized into Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers – investors gain access to a host of appealing benefits within the ecosystem and an opportunity to win multiple prizes in an exclusive promotion with a top prize of $10,000 USDT..

NFT Passports Launch to the Public

Chimpzee NFT Passports launched on April 16, 2024, for the public. CHMPZ used to buy the NFT Passports are burned. Chimpzee burned over 366 million CMPZ used to buy the initial NFT Passports. 

They are designed to optimize tokenomics and cut down the token supply, paving the path for price appreciation within a thriving ecosystem.

The excitement surrounding these NFTs and the token burn event could fuel a significant price surge for CHMPZ tokens. From April and May, it is projected to climb high up the charts and record multiple new highs. 

The NFT will allow long-term holders to seek value growth derived from its collectible value. In addition, it will serve a wide range of ecosystem functionalities and benefits. 

Here are the three reasons why Chimpzee NFT Passports are creating momentum. 

1. Wildlife Conservation

Chimpzee’s core mission revolves around wildlife conservation. The objective ingrained into tokenomics is its substantial intrinsic value. In fact, Chimpzee is both a collectible and a utility NFT. Based on the tier of the NFT, Chimpzee NFTs grant holders a variety of benefits.

Whether Chimpzee will reach the heights of Cryptopunks or Autoglyphs remains to be seen. But the project demonstrates significant potential for growth. Its potential is rooted in its crypto incentivization model. Wildlife conservation and environmental efforts are at the heart of the project. 

2. Three Core Pillars

The Chimpzee ecosystem is built on three key utility pillars. They drive token demand as well as sustainability goals. 

  • The Shop-to-Earn platform is the first pillar, where CHMPZ serves as the primary currency. An incentive structure makes it popular. Users who purchase branded merchandise such as t-shirts and bags not only transact in CHMPZ tokens but also earn attractive reward points in CHMPZ tokens. 
  • CHMPZ rewards can be earned through other avenues within the ecosystem. This includes the NFT trading marketplace and the play-to-earn game. The NFT trading marketplace allows active participants to earn rewards through a profit-sharing model. It incentivizes engagement and participation. 
  • The Play-to-Earn game employs a reward mechanism. Here, players can earn CHMPZ tokens based on their skill level and involvement in the game. With multiple avenues for earning, CHMPZ rewards enhance the ecosystem’s vibrancy and attract a diverse range of users.

Chimpzee’s value is tethered to real-world demand utility. Buying merchandise from Chimpzee is not just a transaction, but an investment. 

3. Staking With Up to 40% APY

Token burns create a more favorable environment for investors. Staking is another mechanism that Chimpzee employs to manage supply and deter sudden sell-offs. Staking $CHMPZ tokens, investors can earn rewards with an impressive staking Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of up to 40%.

Chimpzee actively contributes to global charities focused on wildlife protection and regeneration. This initiative that began during the presale phase will persist throughout the project’s lifespan. 10% of the token supply is allocated to charity.

It enhances Chimpzee’s allure as both a cryptocurrency and an NFT collection, in addition to paving the way for a transformative era in wildlife conservation. It also introduces a novel dimension to the crypto landscape. Cryptocurrencies are increasingly being leveraged for meaningful and impactful purposes. 

How to Buy Chimpzee NFT Passports

Chimpzee Passports support purchases in CHMPZ tokens. They are now selling on popular crypto exchanges. Visit the official Chimpzee website to grab the tokens. 

To stay informed about the NFT launch and the purchasing process, join Chimpzee on Twitter. The tokens used for these purchases will be burnt, contributing to the token burn strategy.


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