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Cloud Mining Token Bitcoin Minetrix Set To Launch Tomorrow – Next 100x Crypto?

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Cloud mining cryptocurrency Bitcoin Minetrix is all set to hit the crypto market tomorrow on April 30th at 10am UTC. 

The highly sought after project recently concluded its ICO after raising over $13.5 million. 

After witnessing the strong early demand as well as its unique value proposition, experts are backing $BTCMTX to potentially deliver 10x to 100x returns after its launch. 

How Is Bitcoin Minetrix Set To Disrupt The Crypto Mining Industry?

Bitcoin mining today has become the absolute monopoly of wealthy corporations. Mining pools such as Antpool and Foundry control over 50% of Bitcoin’s global hashing power, far from the decentralized vision of Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Meanwhile, small-scale retail investors have been totally phased out of the sector. While companies such as Riot Platforms employ thousands of costly and sophisticated ASIC-based miners, everyday users simply lack the capital investment and technical expertise to compete with them. 

This inequality is further exacerbated during a bull market. As the value of BTC skyrockets, so do the mining rewards. Unfortunately for retail users, they lack any means to enjoy the profitability. 

Bitcoin Minetrix challenges this monopoly, making BTC mining rewards accessible to small-scale users. It is set to launch a decentralized cloud mining platform that mines Bitcoin on behalf of its investors, later distributing the profits proportionately. 

According to the project website, Bitcoin Minetrix aims to provide hassle-free BTC mining for the next 10 years. One Bitcoin mined 10 years ago in 2013 appreciated by over 20,000%. Therefore early Minetrix users could benefit tremendously as well. 

More importantly, Bitcoin Minetrix prioritizes transparency and decentralization, features often missing in early cloud mining platforms. Using the stake-to-mine dashboard, users can track and manage all their BTCMTX tokens and mining credits without any hassle. 

Bitcoin Minetrix Price Prediction According To Experts

As previously mentioned, Bitcoin Minetrix serves a crucial real-world utility. Small-scale investors have been devoid of BTC mining rewards for over a decade. With crypto mining stocks and tokens expected to surge, especially during the bull market, $BTCMTX could deliver outsized returns as well.

While presale buyers will benefit the most, investors purchasing the new cryptocurrency after tomorrow’s IEO could also capture significant gains. After all, the Bitcoin Minetrix project is yet to hit several milestones, including the launch of the token on CEXs as well as the launch of its stake-to-mine dashboard. 

Consequently, popular YouTube channels such as Predir Capital and Jacob Bury believe Bitcoin Minetrix could offer up to 100x returns after its launch. 

Other analysts such as Michael Wrubel are also bullish on the project. 

How To Prepare For The IEO Tomorrow?

The Bitcoin Minetrix IEO is important for all, including the presale buyers as well as interested investors. 

The token will go live on exchanges tomorrow at 10am UTC, after which interested buyers can purchase it. 

Furthermore, presale buyers will be able to claim the tokens after the IEO. 

Investors are advised to follow Bitcoin Minetrix on all its social media accounts, including X, Telegram and Discord

They can also visit the website to find the smart contract audit and visit the “Help” section to know the answers to all the common FAQs.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix Website


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