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Coin Showdown: BEFE vs. Shiba Inu – Identifying the Superior Coin

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Does BEFE hold the potential for becoming the next Shiba Inu? Let’s compare both the meme coin contenders and explore with us what ticks about BEFE and its potential capability of taking the reigning Shiba Inu down. Come to your conclusion about which of the two might just be the better investment for you.

Shiba Inu – The Memecoin Sensation

Shiba Inu (SHIB) first was designed as a joke crypto, almost like Dogecoin, and then flourished into a major ecosystem with Shibaswap and the ever-growing Shibarium, which has already brought an impressive value increase of 150,000% within eight months. The coin saw a peak at $0.00008616, significantly boosted by a large donation from Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, who enhanced support from the community. The current market cap value has now reached a figure of $16.35 billion, and the daily trading volume stands at $665.7 million. It’s a strong token in the market. And while all of this was happening, what the last 2 weeks also showed, with fluctuations in its market capitalization and volume, was a kind of variability in its performance. 

All about BEFE- The Memecoin Underdog

Seeking to rise above the ladder of meme coin contenders, BEFE is poised to take over the dog and frog-themed crypto competitors with dynamic entry and a unique launching strategy with no presales and zero taxes. It’s reigniting the meme coin mania: BEFE allows users to earn BEFE by staking BRISE, which will boost their status as a staking coin within the community. Emanating from powerful memes and controlled by a community, BEFE sails through the choppy seas of crypto markets. It is, therefore, traded on both PancakeSwap and Uniswap, being very friendly and accommodating to enthusiasts on either chain between BSC and ETH networks. While its trading activity and value recently slipped from their all-time high, the strong community foundation and ethos BEFE is built upon to point towards a bright future with plenty of chances for it to recapture and grow to highlight its commitment to fairness and participation within the meme coin community.

BEFE’s 1-Month Market Performance

Last month, BEFE showed both its validity and potential to rise optimistically within the wild markets. BEFE touched the high of $0.00065322 on March 25 and then fell to $0.00034655 on April 8, indicating its responsiveness within the market. The period also saw trading volume go up to $1,722,236 on March 24, which is quite substantial regarding investor interest. The fact that BEFE could recover to keep the level of interest high among investors even after being flat for some time portrays further attraction and utility for the firm. Continuous developments and community support underscore the BEFE’s promising trajectory as a risk-on token, hinting at a significant rise for meme cryptocurrency.


Despite Shiba’s formidable reign, BEFE looks to be a very attractive investment with new, glinting growth opportunities, potentially overtaking the achievements of SHIB. However, most meme coins do not promise any future-centric utility, wherein BEFE is still associated with the Bitgert chain, which strongly focuses on innovation and utility. Investors are requested to perform critical research before their actual buy-ins.

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