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Could Bitgert Coin Be the Surprise Winner of Bitcoin Halving?

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The Crypto world changes every week with new updates shaking up the whole ecosystem. This time around, it is the Bitcoin halving that is set to cause major market movement. Done every 4 years, Bitcoin halving is done to maintain the scarcity of the cryptocurrency. However, every time it is done, many new coins’ fortunes change and investors benefit from them. 

This time around, it is the Bitgert coin that is making noise and according to many experts, this is the one that is going to benefit the most from the market movement. But why is this case? Let us check it out!     

Understanding the Rise of Crypto Giants

To understand Bitgert’s potential, we must take a look at certain factors driving Bitcoin and Ethereum to their current positions as market leaders. 

Scalability, a persistent challenge, often results in high gas fees and slow transaction speeds. Bitgert addresses this head-on with a unique consensus mechanism that accelerates validation. As a result, Bitgert has very transactions at near-zero gas fees, attracting a growing user base.

Bitgert’s Path to Crypto Dominance

While blockchain technology is all about disrupting traditional finance, decentralized finance (DeFi) pushes the boundaries of financial services through complex concepts like insurance and lending. Bitgert is a part of this revolution, being a comprehensive and complete digital asset. 

Bitgert, launched in 2021, has rapidly found a unique niche within the cryptocurrency ecosystem itself. This open-source, layer-1 technology provides a very strong foundation for project development, initially addressing critical issues of speed and efficiency. Experts say that Bitgert has done much more than what was expected from it in several aspects. It also has 100k TPS and a near-zero gas fee structure.

This impressive performance and investor confidence have further called for a bullish sentiment solidifying, Bitgert’s position within the blockchain industry.  Its impressive community of over 600k members also shows Bitgert’s growing influence as a major altcoin.

Moreover, strategic partnerships with leading organizations like Coin Telegraph and Kucoin further enhance Bitgert’s visibility. Its active support for DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse projects showcases its commitment to driving innovation in the world of digital assets. 

Bitgert’s Price Growth  

Bitgert’s native coin, BRISE, has mirrored the project’s overall success. Surging by 40,000% since its launch, BRISE’s upward momentum shows no signs of slowing down. Analysts predict further bullish growth. This positions the coin as a great investment.

BRISE uses a very effective deflationary mechanism where 12% of the supply is burned with each transaction. This increases demand and also contributes to continued price gains. 


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