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Could Stellar and Meme Moguls be better options than Solana?

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Solana leaves a lot to be desired, especially when compared with Stellar and Meme Moguls. Unpopular opinion? You decide.

Why We Like Stellar

Stellar is a decentralized cross-border payment network. Many have compared it to Ripple, but unlike Ripple, Stellar is helping individuals in developing countries without traditional banking access. Stellar uses a proof-of-agreement consensus model,  which means it can achieve a speed of 5,000 transactions per second at just 1 cent for 10,000 transactions. 

But here’s the latest: Stellar introduced the Soraban smart contracts platform. It’s the missing piece, letting developers create custom code and drop decentralized apps into the Stellar ecosystem.  And they’re using well-established and easier-to-use coding languages like Rust, which is also used by Solana.

Security is crucial. Stellar partnered with Certora to ensure Soroban’s smart contracts are hacker-resistant. With a solid track record, Certora has kept the DeFi space secure for four years.

Stellar also has a big collaboration with MoneyGram, which means that projects like Decaf can be used by people in places like Latin America  – a continent that has suffered from a lot of currency volatility – to cash wages out into fiat whenever the rate suits them best.

Stellar is the kind of project that is needed for crypto to gain mass adoption.

Solana’s price may be up but the chain still has issues

Solana on the other hand, has come into vogue again lately as the price has recovered from its lows after being tied up with the FTX crash. 

And while the Solana Maxis are celebrating the chain’s dramatic price action, certain facts remain. Solana still has serious outages and has to be reset, something that should invalidate the chain from any serious use cases. Especially considering it is nearly four years old, which in crypto terms should make it a blue chip. In February this year, Solana was down for almost 19 hours.

Imagine if your bank went down for that time, would that be ok? And what if you are holding cryptos and something drastic occurs in the market? But you can’t access your crypto due to buggy coding? Disaster!

And while Solana boasts about its speed, its actual TPS is way slower than the theoretical limit. 

Security is another issue as Solana is still relatively centralized, making it more vulnerable to manipulation and attacks, with way fewer validators than Ethereum. Solana does have a great UI but is that really enough to make up for the drawbacks? 

For serious usage, like payments and financial inclusion, people are better off using bespoke systems like Stellar.  And for entertainment, traders should stick to projects that specialize in that. Such as Meme Moguls.

What Can Meme Moguls Offer to Crypto?

Memes bring fun to the internet and crypto, and that’s why the global meme industry is valued at billions of dollars. Meme moguls is an up-and-coming play-to-earn game and social platform that helps traders enjoy memes, games, and connections with other traders, all the while offering opportunities to earn money.

A wealth leaderboard will encourage friendly competition, while community forums and platform tools will help traders stay on top of the latest trends and pick out the newest profitable altcoins. Those who participate in the community can earn the platform’s currency – MGLS.

There’s a fantasy league game where people can build avatars from their favorite memes, and a casino where players can bet with their NFTs and MGLS tokens. There will also be an exchange where people can trade their meme-based assets.

People will also be able to provide liquidity and get rewarded in NFTs and MGLS, so there really are lots of ways to get involved.

And that’s not all. Meme Moguls has just begun the first stage of presale and is predicted to rise by 1000% throughout, with $10,000 giveaways to mark each presale stage.

If Meme Moguls can capture even a fraction of the meme coin industry and devoted communities like the SHIBarmy, then MGLS is going to go through the roof.

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