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Could This Coin Be the Next Big Eco Friendly Crypto After Raising 800k in ICO?

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The eTukTuk presale is thriving, prompting speculation it could be the next green cryptocurrency to explode.

Having raised over $800K so far, investors are rushing to secure $TUK ahead of its incremental price rises.

It is currently available at $0.02625, but the next uptick will occur in just over six days.

eTukTuk aims to build a decentralized electric vehicle infrastructure worldwide, starting in Sri Lanka before expanding to other developing nations. 

The project blends the benefits of blockchain, AI, and sustainable energy for a modern solution to the pressing climate change issue.

It has partnered with one of Sri Lanka’s most influential companies, Capital Maharaja Group. The conglomerate is the number one privately held company in Sri Lanka, which has been in operation for over 90 years and controls over 225 brands across varying industries.

Despite a broader market consolidation recently, eTukTuk has garnered significant excitement around its innovative climate change solution.

Analyst Predicts 10X Returns for $TUK 

The bullish market sentiment on eTukTuk expands beyond retail investors. Leading crypto analysts, traders, and media outlets are also supporting this budding green cryptocurrency.

In a recent YouTube video, low-cap gem-hunting analyst Jacob Bury labeled eTukTuk as the “Next 10x potential green crypto.” 

Bury explained the project’s concept and revealed that he will personally buy into it.

“I think I will buy into this one because I like the use case, the fundamentals, and the utility,” he said.

The analyst also highlighted that eTukTuk is featured in “many big news sites.” Some of these outlets include Coinspeaker, Bitcoinist, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Cointelegraph and Nasdaq.

Given eTukTuk’s early stage, this backing presents a timely buying opportunity on a legitimate and promising project.

What Is eTukTuk?

With such hype, many spectators will want to know what eTukTuk is. Simply put, the project plans to implement a fleet of zero-emission tuk tuks into developing nations worldwide.

Tuk tuks are a popular mode of transport in many nations thanks to their size and low cost of operation. However, they are also known as pervasive pollutants.

eTukTuk offers an eco-friendly alternative which is affordable, green and accessible to everyone. 

Leveraging blockchain technology provides seamless accessibility, a critical consideration given that 1.4 billion adults are unbanked globally, predominantly in the developing world.

The platform also incorporates staking and a sharing economy, ensuring token utility and decentralization.

Currently eTukTuk staking offers a 266% APY, but this will decrease as more tokens are staked.

The project is powered by the Binance Smart Chain, making transactions fast and affordable.

As well as electric vehicles, eTukTuk will strategically place electric charging stations within its operating zones. It will collaborate with “territory partners,” who are responsible for installing and operating these charging stations.

Does eTukTuk Offer the Best Crypto Use Case?

One of the most pressing issues in the recent bear market has been regulatory attacks from governing bodies like the SEC. This places many projects in a vulnerable position, but analyst Coin Bureau recently explained that infrastructure cryptos may offer a safe haven.

Given that eTukTuk centers around electric vehicles and has already partnered with established companies, it may withstand any incoming regulatory attacks on crypto.

Another consideration is the rise of AI and green cryptos. As well as serving an eco-friendly narrative, eTukTuk embodies artificial intelligence, using it to increase the network’s robustness.

Prominent YouTuber Michael Wrubel highlighted AI’s importance for eTukTuk in a recent video.

Meanwhile, the eTukTuk website explains it will be “optimizing routes for reduced traffic and minimal fuel consumption, promoting sustainable transport,” with AI.

It will also harness AI for predictive maintenance, spotting problems as they arise to ensure the physical infrastructure’s longevity and to minimize material wastage.

These innovations are just a glimpse into the eTukTuk’s capabilities but illustrate why the project has experienced such hype and support since its launch.

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