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CRETA Announces Game Development Program Featuring  New Project by Street Fighter Ⅱ Creator  

Press Releases

Web3 gaming and metaverse platform CRETA has announced a game development support program. CRETA  NEXUS will nurture a new wave of web3 games including the latest project by Yoshiki Okamoto, famed for  titles such as Street Fighter II, Resident Evil and Monster Strike. 


Designed to support projects that accelerate the development of web3 gaming, CRETA NEXUS enables creators to propose their own projects to a global network and receive development support. Project backers are granted the right to receive rewards such as early access, limited edition merchandise, in-game items, and profit-based benefits in return for their support. 

CRETA Co-Founder Ray Nakazato said: 

“CRETA NEXUS is set to create a passionate CRETA community by bringing together creators, their supportive fans,  and investors from all corners of the globe. We are confident that this will be a substantial stride toward fulfilling  CRETA’s vision of a community where creators and players seamlessly merge. Welcoming Yoshiki Okamoto as the  inaugural project is an absolute honor.” 

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Yoshiki Okamoto added: 

“I recently had the opportunity to learn about CRETA’s development support program. I find it very intriguing how they are taking a unique approach with their cryptocurrency platform. What’s even more impressive is their willingness to embrace challenges that may not be achievable on traditional gaming platforms. It’s clear that the team at CRETA is passionate about preserving the essence of fun in gaming. So, inspired by all of this, I’ve made a decision.  I’ve been quietly nurturing an idea that could potentially be the culmination of my entire journey in game  development.” 

CRETA NEXUS aims to become an efficient fundraising mechanism for talented game developers working in the CRETA  ecosystem. It allows them to receive the backing of game fans and professional investors, providing the financial support they need to bring original new titles to market. Fundraising for projects incubated under the CRETA NEXUS  program will be established provided the set funding goal is achieved within the designated fundraising period. The provision of funds will primarily be undertaken using CRETA tokens. 

To maximize the success of the initiative, CRETA will cooperate with Republic, whose web3 advisory group accelerates crypto companies across the world. Between Republic’s enterprise-focused digital merchant bank, and retail-focused global marketplace, the company has made it possible for 3+ million community members to deploy $2.6 billion into thousands of private ventures. 


Headquartered in Dubai, CRETA is an enterprise dedicated to the development of a next-generation entertainment platform. The Creta ecosystem comprises four main components: the endlessly scalable ‘Creta Multiverse’, ‘Creta Game Platform’ offering various  Web2 and Web3 games, ‘Creta Studio’ for high-quality game and content creation, and ‘CRETA SuperClub’, a Web3 community platform connecting the entire Creta ecosystem. The driving force behind Creta’s ability to provide such an expansive Web3  platform is the utilization of “Locus Chain,” a high-performance public blockchain that has not only drastically reduced server costs but also addressed scalability concerns.

About Yoshiki Okamoto

Yoshiki Okamoto has left an indelible mark on the gaming industry. In the early ’90s, he sparked a surge in competitive fighting games with Street Fighter II. His influence extended beyond that title, as he played a pivotal role in the creation of blockbuster games such as Resident Evil and Monster Hunter.  Notably, he was also involved in the development of Monster  Strike, a massively popular smartphone game. In November  2017, Okamoto assumed the role of executive director at the  Japan Game Culture Promotion Foundation. Okamoto ventured into content creation on YouTube, establishing the Yoshiki  Okamoto Gamech channel in April 2020. Through this, he shares intriguing stories from his past, including the challenges he’s faced and the essential ingredients for creating hit games.

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