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Crypto Analyst Ali Charts Predicts $1.1 for Ripple (XRP): Algorand (ALGO) and Pullix (PLX) Price Prediction

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Crypto expert Ali Charts has commended Ripple for its recent price surge to 0.58. The analyst noted that the alt coin could climb to $1.1 if it maintains this trajectory. Meanwhile, let us see where Pullix and Algorand are headed next. 

Ripple (XRP) Predicted To Reach $1.1

The price of Ripple (XRP) surged dramatically, hitting $0.58 on January 8. While the broader crypto market is on the rise, notable experts like Ali Charts believe there is more to the recent XRP price rise. 

With excitement, the expert predicted that the recent surge in Ripple value would initiate a trend towards a crucial milestone of $1.10. He has noticed a pattern that resembles one that was observed in June 2022, suggesting that the coin’s value is probably on the rise.

Martinez’s projection provides a ray of light to Ripple holders who have long hoped for a breakthrough for the Ripple coin. 

The Ripple coin is exchanging hands at $0.589 as bulls work to push it to the $0.6 price level. A rally to $1.1 could be all the DeFi coin needs to become the 5th largest token by market cap.

Algorand (ALGO) Price Prediction 

Known for its efficient blockchain infrastructure, Algorand (ALGO) has experienced significant price swings over the last month. The token dropped from $0.2523, its one-month high, to $0.1657, its lowest point.

But there were enough bulls at the lower price points to spark a reversal. Algorand’s pricing is being traded in the $0.19 price range as a result.

Similarly, Algorand’s trading volume and market cap have increased within this period. The DeFi coin could see a huge push from its 51st position to the 50th position if the rally lingers. In such a case, the Algorand price would reclaim the $0.20 region and aim for its previous 1-month high of $0.2523 and then $0.30.

Pullix (PLX): Bulls Aiming For $0.1

Pullix (PLX) has surprised the crypto community with its latest 100% price ascent from $0.04 to $0.08. Currently, all eyes are set on the physiological level of $0.1.

The DeFi project can begin its ascent to the long-awaited $1 if this happens. The recent price rally has been spurred by news of its upcoming launch. Before this launch occurs, let us look at some of its key features.

Access To More Markets

Pullix’s reach is spreading far beyond the cryptocurrency sector. One of its objectives is to lower trading expenses while also making trading more accessible and smooth. 

This means that traders can trade various assets, including silver, equities, FX, commodities, gold, and others. It connects dealers to massive markets such as the foreign exchange market, which has a daily trading volume of $7.6 trillion.

This means that this new DeFi project will see a lot more active trade. This type of behavior may boost the value of the PLX token. This potential growth makes it a popular choice for those looking for the top cryptocurrency to invest in.

Copy Trading  

Pullix has taken things a step further by bringing AI to its platform. Apart from having a sleuth of AI-based tools, it uses AI in copy trading.

This allows traders to copy the techniques of seasoned trading pros. This is a significant advantage because experts have a track record of making profitable deals.

DeFi Swap

In swapping assets, this functionality on Pullix returns control to the users. Traders are not required to wait for someone to match their trade. Because of this feature, analysts have named Pullix the top cryptocurrency to invest in.

Ultimately, it comes down to faster, cheaper token trading via a mechanism that taps into a liquidity pool.

Closing Thoughts

Ripple and Algorand have recovered from their recent price slumps and could be heading to $1. However, the alt coin, Pullix, seems more plausible to hit this price goal.

Besides, it is launching in the coming weeks and will mark its first exchange listing. This will spur a massive rally and an easy ride past $1.

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