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Crypto Game Tamadoge Pursuit Launches With $100-A-Day Giveaway

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Addictive new play-to-earn crypto mobile game Tamadoge Pursuit dropped today on Android and iOS, two days before International Doge Day. To celebrate, the Tamadoge team is giving $100 of $TAMA to the very best players for the next seven days, on top of their regular rewards. 

Tamadoge Pursuit follows other immensely popular Tamadoge games Tamadoge Arcade, Tamadoge Arena and the Tamagotchi style Tamadoge, each involving a canine protagonist who is guided by players to earn $TAMA tokens. 

The latest release is a 3-dimensional running game in the same vein as Subway Surfers or Temple Run. The game uses a competitive leaderboard model to determine which players earned the most $TAMA that day. 

Anyone who downloads the game receives 20 free credits and a Tamadoge pupper NFT—all you need to start playing. Gamers who rank number one on the leaderboards today or any of the following six days will receive $100 in TAMA in addition to their expected payout. 

Earning has never been easier or more addictive with the proliferation of play-to-earn titles like Tamadoge Pursuit. Still, the Tamadoge ecosystem has managed to make it even easier for new players to start, thanks to its migration to Ethereum Layer 2 network Polygon. 

The Tamadoge Pursuit Experience

In Pursuit, players guide their Tamadoge NFT through various locations, from a bustling city to a leafy park filled with obstacles, challenges, and some surprises along the way. 

Simply swipe to dodge obstacles, collect bones and and earn bonus points by catching up with various in-game characters, such as the pizza delivery guy. But watch out! The city’s animal control officer is hot on Tamadoge’s trail, laying traps to capture the playful pup.

The more players play with Tamadoge, the more XP they earn. XP can then be used to upgrade the NFT for better performance, so it can rank higher and earn even more $TAMA. 

With vibrant graphics, quirky characters, and fast-paced gameplay, Tamadoge Pursuit’s play-to-earn mechanics offer endless hours of fun. 

There are three simple steps to start earning with Tamadoge: 

  1. Pay a credit to enter the game
  2. Play a game and post a score on the leaderboard
  3. Players are sent their share of the $TAMA prize pool once the leaderboard expires.

The higher the score, the greater the share of the pool the player gets. Top players have previously earned over $300 a week by playing across all Tamadoge games. With the release of Pursuit this will increase further. 

Players can follow the daily leaderboards on the leaderboard page on the website or in-app.

Tamadoge is Now on Polygon

Tamadoge Pursuit is the first game released by the Tamadoge team directly on the Polygon network. Switching networks ensures faster transactions and lower fees, making play-to-earn gaming on Tamadoge quicker and more affordable for all players.

Polygon’s lower transaction fees allows Tamadoge players to save money in all their interactions with the Tamaverse, including when they claim prizes from the weekly leaderboards, or rewards from Tamadoge’s staking platform, or when they upgrade their NFT character. 

All other Tamadoge games are also now on Polygon.

Tamadoge is an Early Web3 Classic

The vast metaverse expanses of crypto are still uncharted territory, but four titles in and Tamadoge already has the makings of a classic franchise à la Mario or Crash Bandicoot for Web3. 

Tamadoge’s interconnected Web3 gaming ecosystem combines play-to-earn elements, upgradeable NFTs and arcade-style games across all its releases.

The team has released three games prior to Tamadoge Pursuit.  

Tamadoge Arcade (iOS, Google Play, web) is a collection of 5 classic arcade style games. There is also Tamadoge Arena (iOS, Android), a 3D survivor game where players have to fight exponentially growing whordes of enemies. Lastly there is Tamadoge, a tamagotchi style app available on iOS and Android. 

There is also a staking function that allows players to put their spare $TAMA to work and earn yield. 

Get in early. Visit the Tamadoge website to read more and download the games from your app store. 


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