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Crypto Holders Overwhelmingly Support Trump in US Elections — Will MAGA Coin Pump Again? And Will This Memecoin Hit Top 3?

Crypto Holders Overwhelmingly Support Trump in US Elections -- Will MAGA Coin Pump Again? And Will This Memecoin Hit Top 3?
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According to a survey conducted by the popular cryptocurrency investment firm; Paradigm, the larger percentage of American voters and crypto holders are dissatisfied with the current U.S. administration. This dissatisfaction can be linked to the overall financial changes in the last 4 years, as the US economy struggles and inflation has hit the average consumer in a big way, from housing prices to groceries. The survey suggests a growing interest in digital assets and their potential to challenge traditional money perspectives. Memecoins like Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) have further revived the trust of U.S. investors in the potentials of the crypto market.

Trump’s Growing Popularity Among Crypto Enthusiasts

According to Paradigm’s poll result released on Thursday, March 16, 48% of crypto holders will cast their votes for former President Donald Trump, while 39% will vote for President Joe Biden. This poll was conducted online with an error margin of 3.5% among 1,000 participants. 

Despite the supposed support for Trump and his speech about accepting the rising popularity of Bitcoin a few weeks ago, crypto investors have very little trust in the U.S government supporting the crypto market. When asked which U.S. political party investors trust to tackle the issues surrounding the crypto market, 49% of voters picked “neither.” So despite a preference for a candidate, investors have a preference because of the current financial situation of the country and not necessarily their ability to tackle the regulation and  acceptance of cryptocurrency.

Will Trump’s MAGA Coin Pump?

Along with DeFi and GameFi, the latest innovation PoliFi determines value based on political sentiment. MAGA Coin ($TRUMP) is a leading PoliFi with meme features, crypto, and of course its political statement. Based on market data, $TRUMP token doesn’t offer much crypto value to investors, although its creators have mentioned that the network donates about 0.4% of its total token supply to various charities. It appears that token is solely a form of speculative investment, with a value worth the trades’ perception of Trump performance before and during the elections.

Over the last couple of months, MAGA Coin has been influenced by several factors. As Trump gained more popularity during the Republicans’ primary, the token’s price surged to over 300%. Analysts have suggested that the token’s growth can be attributed to its association with Trump. Hence, the growing popularity of the former president has caused an increase in investors’ interest in MAGA Coin. These  investors are looking to profit from the token’s current price movements.

As of March 17, MAGA Coin is $5.95, which is about 30% down for the week. The coin’s performance in the last 7 days isn’t enough data to predict a steady market trend in the coming days. This explains why more investors are sticking to Memecoins like $GFOX.

Can $GFOX Earn a Spot Among Top 3 Memecoins?

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is one memecoin setting its own hybrid record in the crypto market. The growing popularity of this memecoin can be attributed to its multiple utilities and successful presale.

Within 5 months since its pre launch sale began, $GFOX has sold over 3 billion tokens. At stage 9, the token is worth 0.002376 having raised over $4.7 million

Galaxy Fox offers to investors a Play-to-Earn (P2E) Web3 runner game, where they can earn prizes that can be exchanged for $GFOX tokens. At the end of each season, the top 20% of players on the leaderboard are  rewarded. 

Galaxy Fox also features an NFT marketplace. With its proposal to create about 3,000 NFT token, investors can exchange this token for other assets on the $GFOX market place and OpenSea.

The Galaxy Fox network allows investors to earn a yield on a deflationary asset. With  its token burn mechanism the token has a  deflationary nature. This will limit the token’s supply, increase its value and demand. Thus further enhances $GFOX’s investment appeal.

With its current utility, price trend and potential analysts have speculated that $GFOX will hit 100x when it is launched on a DEX. At this rate the coin is expected to rub shoulders with memecoins like $PEPE and $DOGE to become one of the top 3 tokens in 2024.

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Final Thoughts

Paradigm’s poll is a clear indication that the generality of crypto holders would vote for Donald Trump as the next U.S president, only because of the current financial situation of the country. About half of the population of crypto investors expect nothing from the government in terms of crypto laws and empowerment.

As a PoliFi coin, $TRUMP has exhibited very unstable prices over the last few weeks while memecoins like $GFOX are still going strong. The token has many viable potentials for early investors. There is no better time to invest in the Galaxy Fox project than now. Join the $GFOX community today.

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