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Cryptocurrency Poised for Growth Just Before the Upcoming Bull Market

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Often, Bitcoin sets the trend for altcoins. With BTC hitting over $44,000, a level that it hasn’t reached since April 2022, now may be the time to buy altcoins cheap before the anticipated bull run sets prices on a surge. As is always the case, altcoins with high potential outperform crypto giants like ETH and BTC.

However, picking the projects that have the potential to give you the highest ROI can be challenging. We’ve looked at tokenomics, hype, market trends, and use cases to analyze a few projects that are currently selling in cents. So far, we have chosen Pandoshi (PAMBO) as the best crypto to buy ahead of the upcoming bull market. 

Pandsoshi (PAMBO) Token

PAMBO, the native token for the Pandoshi project, has remarkable tokenomics. The total number of PAMBO tokens is 2 billion; 50% of which is allocated to the presale. 20% of the tokens are allocated to a bonus program, 20% allocated to decentralized exchange (DEX) liquidity, and 10% allocated to centralized exchanges (CEX). From the onset, it’s clear that PAMBO won’t rely heavily on CEXs, which makes it more secure compared to projects that rely heavily on CEXs.

PAMBO has diverse use cases. The coin will be used with PandaChain (the project’s own blockchain), the Metaverse games, and the Pandoshi Merch store, as a reward for contributors through Pandoshi Legion (Pandoshi’s organized community) and as a currency within Pandoshi University. 

Furthermore, the PAMBO token will increase in value due to Pandoshi’s buy-and-burn mechanism within Cardoshi and PandoshiSwap. PandoshiSwap is the project’s DEX platform while Cardoshi is the prepaid card that can be loaded with several cryptocurrencies. With the buyback and burn feature, PAMBO tokens are deflationary. This burning will continue until 80% of the PAMBO tokens are out of circulation. So, it’s expected to increase in demand with time. 

As a deflationary token, users can only accumulate PAMBO tokens by purchasing them or participating in Pandoshi events where they’ll be rewarded in PAMBO.

The token also boasts of its staking mechanism, which is embedded in the Pandoshi non-custodial wallet. Any user can become a validator by staking the minimum PAMBO required and will be rewarded with an APY. 

In addition, developers on PandaChain will be rewarded 30% of transaction gas fees when users interact with the developer’s smart contracts. This is likely to encourage the development of numerous dApps on the blockchain leading to more growth.


As a result of the great features and tokenomics, PAMBO has caught the attention of investors and experts alike. The coin experienced a 500% price surge within the first 60 days of its launch. 

Since then, Pandoshi has picked up speed with the presale. It’s currently in its final phase of presale; selling at $0.01 and has raised over $750,000 in less than 3 days. This shows how fast investors are gathering PAMBO tokens in preparation for the bull market. At only $0.01, Pandoshi (PAMBO) is among the cheapest altcoins with the highest potential to explode.

So, Pandoshi is our top cryptocurrency pick in terms of tokenomics, utility, market trends, and great price performance. Now is the time to buy before it surges with the onset of a bull market.

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