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"As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, one clear theme has emerged as a constant – the need to shift towards a world with renewable energy. GreenFuel (GREENFUEL) is an ecosystem that envisions a future where crypto can be part of the solution.

“GreenFuel is about bringing the blockchain a bit further not just only creating the next big crypto asset, but also changing the whole financial sector on energy and recycling payments,”

What is GreenFuel?

GreenFuel renewable energy solutions are leading the green transition, with green solutions ranging from wind power to solar energy and storage solutions, large-scale power purchase agreements to innovative renewable hydrogen solutions.

Pioneers In The World Of Wind & Solar Renewable Energy

A “GREENFUEL” token is a cryptocurrency that allows token holders to financially benefit from the renewable energy farming pool and secure priority access to renewable energy auctions.

Offshore wind energy & solar energy has played a defining role in GreenFuel’s strategic transformation and will continue to do so. As the global market leader in offshore wind energy & solar energy, we are proud at GreenFuel to have been the first mover in maturing a green, scalable, and very powerful renewable energy technology. From its birthplace in Europe, we will in the years to come help offshore wind energy and solar energy to go global, as we deploy offshore wind, solar energy at scale across countries that want to decarbonize their energy systems.

Greenfuel offers an unlimited use case utility crypto-currency for distributed payment systems predicated on consensus algorithms embodied in the Ripple Protocol, the lower fees, fast transaction speeds, and custom token functionalities make XRP Ledger a perfect platform to integrate GreenFuel ecosystem. The GreenFuel ecosystem has been designed from the ground up with scalability in mind and the underlying architecture has only been improved over time. XRP Ledger helps move “GREENFUEL” tokens around the world faster, cheaper and more sustainably than any other blockchain.

Market Strategy

GreenFuel chose to build on the XRP Ledger given its performance, scalability and inherently green attributes. The XRP Ledger was built with sustainability in mind and is one of the first major carbon neutral blockchains. Due to its Federated Consensus algorithm, the XRPL is significantly more energy efficient compared to proof-of-work blockchains and ensures low-cost transactions.

Key focus points of the GreenFuel ecosystem include the role of climate change and climate security, the prevention and mitigation of illicit financial transactions, and on carbon emission initiatives using blockchain technology to bring transparency to carbon accounting by avoiding double counting of emission reductions or removals.

XRP Ledger is the first-ever widespread decarbonization of a public blockchain, addressing a significant environmental challenge for blockchain technologies around the world.

The pioneering innovation has been achieved using technology from The Energy Web Foundation.

This initial deployment uses energy attribute certificates (EACs) from renewable energy assets to decarbonize the blockchain’s electricity use.

XRP Ledger is already one of the greenest blockchains in the world.


The train has left the station’ – It has become clear and undeniable that currency and commodities that once existed only in physical form or paper representations, will for the foreseeable future exist perpetually in a tokenized digital form across Distributed Ledger Technology, verifiably authentic and controlled exclusively by the private-key holder.

GREENFUEL investors believe that while XRP is more then capable of solving all the world’s payment problems, it takes a team of highly skilled people focused together on a particular problem that generally culminates the necessary relationships responsible for breaking boundaries and forging technological advancements. By plugging into the global network of renewable energy Coin seeks not only to solve the problem of value transfer from A to B and B to A, but also A to C, C to A, or any other receiving party. It is believed that one day GREENFUEL Token could represent a significant portion of the current 2 Trillion dollar energy Market Capitalization – tokenized and distributed across the XRP Ledger (XRPL).