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ATH Date 2022, Mar 18

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MEXC Global
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Spread: 12.94%
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Proton Loan

"Proton Loan is a new decentralized lending market built on the Proton blockchain. Utilizing the cross-chain capabilities of Proton wrapped xTokens, Proton Loan makes it possible to deposit cryptocurrency into lending pools to earn interest, and to take collateralized loans from cryptocurrency pools. With support for BTC, ETH, USDC, DOGE, XPR and XMT, and with zero gas fees on the Proton blockchain, Proton Loan ensures DeFi lending remains accessible and affordable.

Proton Loan opens up a new possibility for borrowing and lending against multiple blockchains that were not previously accessible on Ethereum or other blockchain protocols. By using a system of smart contracts powered by the Proton blockchain, users can request and fulfill loans using cryptocurrency without the need for a central mediator and without regard for the parent blockchain protocol of the requested asset.

The LOAN token will be used to vote on governance decisions for the Proton Loan platform, such as which tokens can be collateralized on the protocol to borrow and lend, as well as the interest rate curves for borrowing. "