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rd Round Dollar #
5.19 USD -0.24% -0.01
5.17 5.20
Circulating supply 0
Total supply 16K
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rd Price

Current Price 5.19 USD
Price Change 24H -0.01 USD
Price Change 24H -0.24%
Price Change 7D -42.79%
Price Change 14D 0.00%
Price Change 30D 0.00%
Price Change 60D -62.03%
Price Change 1Y -65.76%
Market Cap Change 24H 0
Market Cap Change 24H 0.00%
All time high (ATH) 44.61 USD
ATH Change -88.37%
ATH Date 2022, Jul 01

rd Markets

Last price: 5.18 USD
Last price: 5.18 USDT
Spread: 21.70%
24H Volume:

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** Inactive - No trades in the last 3 hours

Round Dollar

Round Dollar (RD) is a revolutionary synthetic stablecoin pegged to the value of a basket of mainstream Asian currencies. One RD is equivalent to 47 CNH + 550 JPY + 25 HKD. With fiat currencies deposited for subscription of RD placed into custody of third-party trusts for safekeeping, which are subject to monthly audits and public disclosures, RD is regarded as a safe and well accepted stablecoin for transactional uses and storage of values. Compared with stablecoins pegged to a single currency (e.g. USD), RD has the advantage of reduced foreign exchange rate risk, particularly for Asian users

Primary usages:

1. A medium through which value can be exchanged within the crypto world as well as between the fiat and crypto worlds is essential – RD can bridge that gap

2. RD as a medium for trade settlement increases the efficiency of cross-border trade by avoiding redundant intermediaries. It also reduces foreign exchange rate risk for both importers and exporters

3. RD’s value is pegged with a basket of major Asian currencies, making it an effective denomination for Defi