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shibaken Shibaken Finance #
0.00 USD 0.89% +0.00
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Circulating supply 0
Total supply 100,000T
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shibaken Price

Current Price 0.00 USD
Price Change 24H 0.00 USD
Price Change 24H 0.89%
Price Change 7D 7.48%
Price Change 14D 12.48%
Price Change 30D 1.83%
Price Change 60D 199.40%
Price Change 1Y -19.44%
Market Cap Change 24H 0
Market Cap Change 24H 0.00%
All time high (ATH) 0.00 USD
ATH Change -97.94%
ATH Date 2021, May 11

shibaken Markets

Uniswap (v2)
Last price: 0.00 USD
Last price: 0.00 0XC02AAA39B223FE8D0A0E5C4F27EAD9083C756CC2
Spread: 0.60%
24H Volume:
1.4K USD

* Anomaly - Trading price is an outlier against the average

** Inactive - No trades in the last 3 hours

Shibaken Finance

"Shibaken is a community-first decentralized finance platform; developing tokens within incentivized ecosystems of trade.

Finding unique solutions to practical problems, we are experts at developing meta-level use cases for our tokens; like biodiversity protection, or securing public stakeholder interest through asset tokenization.

We specialize in serving communities requiring investments in food, energy and water security.

SHIBAK is the primary ecosystem token and is deflationary, with a unique “wildfire” token burn, and a 2% auto-distribution to holders.

Other developments include a cross-chain bridge, yield farm, staking platform, and a swap platform to help holders of failed tokens recover their losses.

Our first "next tier" token called Shibaken Bomb (sBOMB) introduces a simple gaming function to reward holders and automates funding for continuous development and charitable giving."