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CYBONK and Bonk 2.0 Explode as New ICO Scotty the AI Hits $5M

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Meme coin mania continues as CYBONK and Bonk 2.0 soar 37% and 131%, respectively.

New presale meme coin Scotty the AI is also gathering pace, recently surpassing the $5 million total raised mark.

Emerging Meme Coins Surge as Traders Rotate Profits

After monumental bullish momentum for large-cap meme coins, newer and lesser-known ones are rising, seemingly as traders rotate profits for further gains.

CYBONK is a Bonk spinoff that launched on Wednesday, with CoinMarketCap’s price data starting at $0.00001978. However, its price quickly increased and is now trading at $0.00004 – a 97% premium from its launch.

Much of Cybonk’s success occurred today as it climbed 37% and reached the number 2 spot on CoinMarketCap’s trending list, closely following Shiba Inu.

Currently, CYBONK holds a $5.37 million market cap and a $4.99 million 24-hour trading volume.

Interestingly, the token launched as an ERC-20 token, providing Ethereum users with a Bonk alternative without having to bridge to Solana.

However, the recency of CYBONK means that analysts have yet to comment on its potential. Nevertheless, community members have weighed in on the project’s CoinMarketCap community feed.

Currently, CYBONK is receiving an overarchingly bearish market sentiment, with Cryptoknight voicing concern about the token’s distribution. 

“One of the team wallets bought 4.5 billion tokens for $230, now worth over $120K. So there’s not enough liquidity just for that wallet, and that was only one of several different wallets,” they wrote.

The comment received notable attention, with 52K impressions and 130 likes.

Moving to Bonk 2.0, the project launched on Thursday but has outperformed CYBONK so far.

Currently, Bonk 2.0 is trading at $0.00000009138, up 118% today and 672% since launching on CoinMarketCap.

It holds a $7.6 million market cap and a $6.98 million 24-hour trading volume.

The project launched on Solana and is currently only available on Solana DEXs like Raydium and Jupiter. However, BitMart recently announced it will list the crypto on Monday, 11 March.

Similarly to CYBONK, prominent analysts have yet to comment on Bonk 2.0’s potential. 

However, the project’s community has been vocal on social media and is offering massive support on CoinMarketCap’s community feed.

“Bonk 2.0’s community-driven approach and focus on web3 make it an attractive investment opportunity,” said one comment.

Meanwhile, another commenter speculated that “top tier exchanges are coming soon” and urged investors, “Don’t miss out.”

But while CYBONK and Bonk 2.0 are rising, new presale Scotty the AI is gathering pace and is backed to 10x by analysts.

Through unwavering community interest, Scotty the AI’s presale has raised $5 million, powered by a compelling use case that blends two of crypto’s most prominent trends.

From the outside, Scotty is a loveable Scottish Terrier with jet-black fur and puppy dog eyes. But beneath the surface, he is a sophisticated security protocol, protecting the blockchain realm from bugs and malevolent actors.

This creates an unprecedented blend of memetic allure and innate utility, striking a perfect balance between marketing and product.

Per Santiment data, the meme coin and AI markets are continually taking turns to boom. Therefore, Scotty’s position at the intersection means it could perpetually thrive.

Its witty use case has not gone unnoticed, with prominent market analysts backing the project for success.

“This is a project I feel bullish on. I’ve already got a bag myself because I think these presales can do well in bull markets,” said Jacob Bury to his 33K YouTube subscribers.

Bury also speculated that it could be a “New 10x potential crypto.”

Its early hype illustrates a deep-rooted appetite for $SCOTTY, potentially carrying over to its exchange launch.

But bidding for long-term growth, Scotty the AI offers a staking mechanism, currently providing a 43% APY. However, this will decrease as the staking pool grows.

Further incentivizing early buyers, the presale price will incrementally rise.

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