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Disruptive Play-to-Earn project Fight Out enters the final two days of its presale

Disruptive Play-to-Earn project Fight Out enters the final two days of its presale
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Disruptive Play-to-Earn (P2E) project Fight Out has just entered the final two days of its presale – meaning investors now have less than 48 hours to purchase FGHT tokens at a discounted price point.

This project has been one of the breakout stars of 2023 within the crypto market, raising over $5.9m in funding over the past few months.

With FGHT tokens currently priced at just $0.0330, and a purchase bonus of up to 67% on offer, many market commentators believe there’s never been a better time to get involved in this groundbreaking project.

Unrivaled Success of Presale Prompts Numerous CEX Listings

Fight Out’s presale phase only began in December 2022 – yet nobody could have expected that it would take off with this magnitude.

Over the past three months, the presale has generated millions of dollars of funding from eager investors, driven by Fight Out’s disruptive use cases. This incredible response has meant Fight Out’s presale can now be considered one of the most successful ever for a new P2E project.

Naturally, Fight Out has generated interest from throughout the crypto sector – most notably, from several top centralized exchanges (CEXs). A total of seven exchanges have pledged to list FGHT tokens once the presale has concluded, which is viewed as a massive seal of approval from the major players in the market.

These CEX listings are scheduled for April 5th, so presale investors only need to wait six more days before seeing how the FGHT price shapes up once the token is publicly traded.

Some leading names that have announced their intention to list FGHT include LBank,, Changelly Pro, and BKEX. FGHT will also be listed on the Uniswap decentralized exchange (DEX), which is set to increase the token’s liquidity dramatically, and some prominent crypto analysts are predicting a price surge when it lists on exchanges next week.

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Unique Opportunity to Earn Additional FGHT Tokens

As per the project’s whitepaper, early investors who participate in the presale can earn themselves a purchase bonus of up to 67%, based on their investment amount and chosen vesting period. This setup has never been seen before in the presale market – and one that has clearly been successful.

Naturally, the 67% bonus is reserved for those within the top brackets for the purchase amount and vesting period. Those looking to achieve this bonus must invest $50,000 in FGHT and opt to lock up their tokens for 36 months.

However, an investment of just $500 and a vesting period of three months will net presale investors an attractive bonus of 20%. Assuming this investment size equates to 15,000 FGHT tokens (after paying network fees), investors would receive an extra 3,000 tokens for free.

This appealing bonus structure has caught the investment community’s attention, leading to over 121,000 people joining the official Telegram channel.

As if that wasn’t enough, Fight Out’s team has also revealed that presale investors will automatically jump the membership waitlist and receive instant rewards through the app. Thus, with just two days of the presale left, investors are clamoring to get involved while these benefits are still available.

Huge Potential for the Fight Out Metaverse

One of the main reasons Fight Out’s presale has been such a resounding success is the upcoming launch of the Fight Out metaverse platform. Within this metaverse, players will use their in-app avatars to interact with other users and battle for FGHT tokens.

Players’ avatars are structured as NFTs yet are soulbound, meaning they cannot be sold or traded. They are inextricably linked to each player’s fitness progress, meaning the more hard work a user puts in in the gym, the better the avatar’s stats.

Players can test their newly-acquired skills against other users by entering leagues, tournaments, or special game modes. Moreover, Fight Out will introduce a peer-to-peer wagering mechanism whereby users can stake FGHT tokens on high-class showdowns between streamers or celebrities.

Since FGHT is structured as the native token of the Fight Out metaverse, all purchases made within this virtual world will utilize the token. However, those wishing to make in-app purchases for physical items, such as merchandise or supplements, must use Fight Out’s off-chain currency – REPS.

The good news is that those holding FGHT tokens can instantly buy REPS through the app – and receive a 25% bonus. Viewed another way, this means users will receive a healthy discount on the items they purchase through the in-app store by acquiring REPS using FGHT tokens.

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Roadmap Points to Long-Term Success

An article written by Fortune last year reported that industry-leading bank JPMorgan expects the metaverse to become a $1 trillion yearly opportunity in the near future – and Fight Out looks to be in a prime position to benefit from this.

Fight Out’s team has begun ramping up its marketing efforts ahead of the project’s release by partnering with four high-profile names within the fitness sector. These names include UFC star Amanda Ribas and professional boxer Savannah Marshall.

Adding these names to Fight Out’s roster has dramatically increased its credibility and helped thrust it into the limelight. Fight Out’s team isn’t stopping there, as they’ve already presented numerous exciting plans through the project’s roadmap.

These plans include on-demand fighter content, REPS challenges, PVP contests, NFT avatar cosmetics, and even earnable badges and perks.

Ultimately, Fight Out’s unique setup looks likely to create an immersive environment where users can come together to boost their fitness levels and earn crypto rewards. With the first FGHT token listings set for early April, many expect tremendous price growth – which would be excellent news for presale investors.

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