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Dogecoin Flips Avalanche, As Markets Correct

Press Releases


  • Dogecoin set its sights on surpassing the $0.090 mark.
  • NuggetRush delivers RUSHGEM NFT, which is an added advantage to its users. 
  • Avalanche faces a 10% market correction, losing 22% of its value.

The anticipation and approval of the spot Bitcoin ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) caused a lot of positive market sentiment. This led to an upswing in the prices of various altcoins. Recently, the crypto space has experienced a market correction as some digital assets are witnessing a decline.

Dogecoin (DOGE) is edging over Avalanche (AVAX) as it witnesses an unexpected surge, increasing more than 14% on January 20. This surge results from the announcement of the X (previously Twitter) “Xpayments account”. On the other hand, NuggetRush (NUGX) doesn’t seem to be affected by the ongoing market correction, seeing how well the presale performance has been. Although memecoins are usually characterized as jokes, NuggetRush differs with its engaging gameplay that offers real-world benefits. 

Let’s explore how Dogecoin flips Avalanche as the crypto market corrects. 

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NuggetRush (NUGX) Offers a Seamless Integration of GameFi into the Crypto Space

NuggetRush is an innovative play-to-earn game (P2E) that has made waves by fusing cryptocurrency, real-world artisanal mining, and gold mining. It guarantees accessibility to a large user population, allowing participants to enjoy the thrill of exploration and strategic thinking while earning benefits in the real world. This project offers an alluring opportunity for investors looking for a memecoin with potential to expand their portfolios.

NuggetRush wants to build a self-sufficient, profit-generating community and become a top DeFi project for investors. This establishes partnerships with gold suppliers to deliver RUSHGEM profits straight to miners’ specific locations. This unique quality gives the game a more substantial and prestigious feel, making it the best crypto investment for significant profits. 

The game further enhances NUGX’s reputation as the best crypto investment platform by introducing a unique NFT (non-fungible token) staking mechanism. Like traditional staking, NFT holders lock their assets in this feature to get benefits based on the amount of staked NFTs and the annual percentage yield (APY). Owners are not allowed to sell their NFTs during the staking period. Also, a portion of in-game purchases and awards go toward helping artisanal miners in developing nations.

So far, the presale has been doing well, raising over $2 million in revenue. It has completed four presale rounds and is in the final presale round. The NUGX token is selling out fast and is available for just $0.018. 

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Dogecoin (DOGE) Experiences a Bullish Momentum 

The value of Dogecoin saw a significant change over the previous week. The price of DOGE increased from $0.075 to $0.083, and it may soon surpass the $0.090 price barrier. Along with the overall sentiment around the DOGE crypto market, other factors that may impact the larger crypto market include the rally associated with the Bitcoin Spot ETF and the change in miner trading activity. However, as bulls may take back control of the market, the cryptocurrency may witness a significant price surge shortly. The price projection for this top DeFi project, DOGE, indicates it may reach $0.1363 by the end of 2024.

Avalanche (AVAX) Set to Record a Market Correction 

The value of the Avalanche coin has recorded about 10% of market correction, and it has lost more than 22% of its total value in the last week, indicating that there is still bear market pressure on the price of the coin. For a while, the price of AVAX moved in a close range between $42.50 and $45.00, but eventually, the bulls lost steam, and the price broke out of the range. Following this, there was a brief period of sideways trading in the $38–$42.50 range.

The bears outmatched the bulls when they tried to break over the resistance level of $42.50, which caused AVAX to undergo a value correction of more than 28%. The bulls gained enough stimulation to break clear of the resistance level at $35.00 after probing its support level at $31.67. If the bears continue to dominate the market, Avalanche will plunge and prepare to test its lower support level of $20.02 this week.


The recent flip in market rankings between Dogecoin and Avalanche depicts how dynamic the crypto space can be. Meanwhile, NuggetRush has emerged as a memecoin with potential, and investors who seek to diversify their portfolios should take advantage of the presale opportunity. Rush down to the presale to be a part of this beautiful experience.

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