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Dogeverse ICO Raises $9M – Next 1,000x Meme Coin?

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Meme coin mania is back in full force as Dogeverse, the self-proclaimed “world’s first chain traveling Doge,” has raised an incredible $9 million in its initial coin offering (ICO).

With its fundraising stage still ongoing, investors are wondering if this multi-chain meme project could be the next to join the exclusive 1,000x club.

Dogeverse is a Multi-Chain Meme Coin Promising Mega Yields

For those unfamiliar with Dogeverse, it’s a meme-inspired project aiming to go multi-chain.

Using advanced bridging tech like Wormhole, Dogeverse and its DOGEVERSE token will be interoperable across multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Base.

Think of it as a Doge-themed cryptocurrency that can be seamlessly transferred between Ethereum and Solana, for example.

On Ethereum, token holders could provide liquidity and earn yield.

Then, with a few simple clicks, holders can transfer those same tokens to Solana to participate in a different DeFi protocol and meme coin ecosystem.

This cross-chain capability is what really sets Dogeverse apart from other meme coins.

But it gets even better – the project will also feature a staking mechanism with annual yields projected at 116%.

DOGEVERSE holders can earn a steady stream of income simply by locking up their tokens and helping secure the network.

With its multi-chain concept and high staking rewards, it’s easy to see why Dogeverse has been such a hit with retail investors looking to get in on what could be the next breakout meme coin.

Dogeverse Buying Frenzy Prompts ICO to Hit $9M Milestone

Things have really begun to heat up for Dogeverse’s ICO over the weekend.

Earlier today, the project celebrated a major milestone by passing $9 million in funds raised from its ongoing token sale.

At the current price of $0.0003 per DOGEVERSE, those funds translate to a whopping 30 billion tokens being snapped up by eager investors.

But those who haven’t yet invested will need to move fast – that price is set to increase in under 24 hours as the ICO hits its next stage.

To participate, investors have options beyond using ETH or USDT.

Dogeverse’s team also accepts credit and debit card purchases, streamlining the process for new crypto users.

The buzz around the ICO is palpable, with over 3,700 people joining Dogeverse’s rapidly growing Telegram community.

Hype from influencers like ClayBro and Cilinix Crypto, who recently featured the project, has also helped fuel the ICO’s success.

Can Dogeverse Join the Exclusive 1,000x Club?

While the numbers surrounding Dogeverse’s ICO are undeniably impressive, the bigger question remains – can this new meme coin 1,000x in price?

If so, it would require a market cap well into the billions.

With a total supply of 200 billion DOGEVERSE tokens, a 1,000x move from the current ICO price of $0.0003 would translate to around $0.30 per token.

That puts Dogeverse’s potential fully diluted market cap north of $60 billion at those price levels – well above heavy hitters like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

Those are astronomical numbers for what is currently just an early-stage meme coin project.

However, even if Dogeverse were to 100x in price, rather than 1,000x, that would still represent an extraordinary return for early investors.

Helping its cause, Dogeverse’s team has earmarked 10% of the token supply (20 billion DOGEVERSE) specifically for exchange liquidity.

Ensuring ample liquidity for trading could be critical if the token does explode in value.

So, while a 1,000x may be ambitious, Dogeverse could have a plausible path to at least 100x from here – if it can successfully execute its multi-chain vision.

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