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Dogwifhat Price Prediction – Best Meme Coin to Buy?

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As the meme coin prices advance, Dogwifhat is faring as one of the strongest performers, pumping by 20% this week.

It also spearheaded the last round of memetic parabola, so will history repeat and make WIF the best meme coin to buy on the next market uptick?

Dogwifhat Bullish as Traders Eye Long-Term Growth 

While Dogwifhat has already witnessed staggering success in recent months, many traders anticipate an uptrend continuation, setting their sights on Dogwifhat notching Shiba Inu’s spot as the second largest meme coin.

“The super cycle hasn’t hit yet. I’ll start selling when WIF flips SHIB,” IcedKnife wrote recently on X.

Meanwhile, well-known crypto researcher Alex Wacy dubbed Dogwifhat as “currently one of the most talked-about meme coins” and said, “People tend to invest in what they are discussing and what they are familiar with.”

He also noted that Dogwifhat has a much smaller market cap than Dogecoin, “making it a potential choice for many as people will want it to reach a similar value.”

Based on its current market cap, Dogwifhat has room for a 4x to catch Shiba Inu and a 6x to catch Dogecoin.

While there is no doubt that market sentiment remains bullish on Solana’s leading meme coin, analysts are also hailing WIF’s based on its price action.

Commentator Achilles compared Dogwifhat to SOL and PEPE and concluded that it looks primed for the most upside potential. This is especially important due to the bullish market conditions and the fact that all three cryptos are likely to pump.

“WIF looks incredible against both SOL and PEPE. It has made a clean breakout against SOL after months of coiling with a bullish MACD cross,” wrote the analyst.

He continued, “It also shows a bullish divergence against PEPE with a bullish MACD cross and retest of prior range highs. The hat will continue to outperform whether you like it or not.”

Similarly, Sosuke said, “All meme coins will go up, but WIF will start outperforming again soon.”

The analysts then displayed a price chart illustrating Dogecoin bouncing to the upside after forming a triple bottom. This pattern is considered highly bullish.

Indeed, analysts have strong expectations for Dogwifhat in the coming months, but its multi-billion dollar market cap means its upside is limited compared to newer meme coins.

Another promising alternative is Sealana, the latest Solana meme coin presale, which has raised $200K so far.

New Meme Coin to Watch: Sealana Backed to 10X as Investors Race to Buy Early

Sealana, a hilarious seal-themed meme coin that adopts the degen lifestyle of an out-of-shape American meme coin trader living in his mom’s basement, has recently crossed the $200K total raised mark at presale.

Investors are vying to get in early, and leading analysts speculate that big gains could be at play.

Prominent low-cap trader Jacob Bury touted Sealana as the “best crypto to buy now” and backed it as having 10x potential.

Meanwhile, analysts from the 99Bitcoins YouTube channel said that Sealana is “set to explode.”

The Sealana website leads with “Meet Sealana, the chubby seal who’s taken a deep dive into the Solana Sea. Whaled at his PC and growing by the day, Sealana is so absorbed in the degen market that he’s abandoned the gorgeous figure of his youth for a trader’s diet of chips and tinned tuna.”

Its playful character has struck a chord with investors, but its early momentum is also fueled by rumors that the Slerf team created the project. 

Within degen social media circles, traders have noticed similarities between the two projects and speculate that Slerf the team launched Sealana for a smoother and more cohesive presale.

Similar to Slerf, no hard cap has been announced for the Slothana presale, so potential buyers must act fast.

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