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EdTech professionals launch Metaverse Education Alliance to support Web3 builders

EdTech professionals launch Metaverse Education Alliance to support Web3 builders

As more blockchain developers try their hands at building in the virtual world, there has been an uptick in the development of educational programs and spaces inside Web3 and the metaverse

In particular, the CEO of Learnoverse and BitDegree, Danielius Stasiulis, officially launched the Metaverse Education Alliance (MEA) at the education side event of MetaExpo Singapore, the Web3 and Metaverse Education, according to information shared with Finbold on November 29.

The MEA is a global project that intends to encourage collaboration among top Web3 and Metaverse EdTech operators and relevant stakeholders.

At a panel discussion, Taizo Son, CEO of Mistletoe Inc. and one of Asia’s most prominent investors, discussed with Danielius Stasiulis how to rebrand the Asian market as the next major centre for Web3 and metaverse training across the world.

Taizo Son, CEO of Mistletoe on the left.

Stasiulis said following the event: 

“The potential for Web3 and the Metaverse is huge, and it is very clear what we need in order to actuate that potential: Talent. The Metaverse Education Alliance is a crucial step that the ecosystem must take in educating the next generation of Web3 and Metaverse builders. The next chapter in the Metaverse is being written at moments like these, when people say ‘I’m in’”.

Up to 150 million minds needed to build a metaverse by 2030

It is estimated that 70 and 150 million minds would be needed to bring the metaverse into existence by 2030, as revealed at the forum. Given the importance of Web3 education to the metaverse development, it is also estimated that around 7 million teachers will be required to educate the next generation of people who will create the metaverse. 

Participants at the forum agreed that, given the current state of the crypto market, the Web3 and metaverse ecosystems need to collaborate on creating educational programs for talent production via the use of programs such as MEA. 

As part of the MEA Pledge, members commit to upholding shared ideals such as providing equal-opportunity learning, making education accessible around the globe, and establishing procedures for the responsible accrediting of educational material. 

Thus far, the following firms have joined the alliance: Crypto Guilds, FIO Protocol, Pax World, Agora, and Unstoppable Domains.

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