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Enthusiasts from Solana and Cardano Flock to Latest Presale Anticipating Up to 150% Returns

Press Releases


  • Etherscan buys Solana’s block explorer, Solscan.
  • Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson joins the crypto community in ridiculing a Bitcoin critic in an X/Twitter post.
  • Inspired by its namesake, Rebel Satoshi hopes to push the DeFi revolution further.

Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) are familiar top 5 cryptocurrencies. Yet, their respective tokens are slightly lower than their recent highs. Although this may be temporary, enthusiasts have flocked to an emerging meme coin‘s presale promising up to 150% gains.

However, early adopters can expect more from this promising project, which is on the cusp of being officially launched. Find out later as we examine what’s happening with Solana and Cardano.

Etherscan Acquires Solana’s Block Explorer

Etherscan is Ethereum’s most popular block explorer. While Ethereum and Solana are competitors, Etherscan has been interested in the former’s block explorer, Solscan. The developers behind Etherscan announced acquiring Solscan on January 3, 2024, describing it as a ‘collaborative merging’ amid its plans to expand across multiple platforms. 

Still, some users expressed frustration over some limitations with Solscan. So, hopefully, Etherscan can address these and provide a more user-friendly, convenient block explorer. The developers did state that “users can anticipate the integration of additional useful features across both Etherscan and Solscan.”

Still, this news wasn’t enough to push the SOL price above its 2023 high of $126. It’s down 20%, trading at $100. Although no one can truly know when this blip will subside, SOL could reach at least $220 by 2025, according to forecasts.

Cardano Founder And Crypto Community Ridicule Bitcoin Critic

Cardano’s founder, Charles Hoskison, is always willing to challenge anything associated with Bitcoin and other top altcoins. The latest vocal exchange involves the opinionated developer and well-known Bitcoin skeptic Peter Schiff in an X/Twitter post.

In short, Schiff warned of the unnecessary hype surrounding a potential SEC-approved Bitcoin exchange-traded fund this month. Along with other proponents, Hoskinson hilariously downplayed Schiff’s sentiments.

Regarding the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), Hoskinson has again made his dislike of the regulator known. In an interview with the Financial News, the Cardano head honcho stated that the SEC “doesn’t have answers’ on which cryptos are securities.” This is about the regulator targeting XRP, Cardano, and other top crypto coins over the year.

ADA is worth $0.56, 17% lower than the end-of-2023 high of $0.68. Still, estimates imply it can reach at least $1 by 2025.

Let’s now look at the project teased earlier – Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ)!

Rebel Satoshi Plans to Further Promote The DeFi Movement

Despite the phenomenal growth of decentralized finance, traditional finance mechanisms persist, keeping the rich richer and the poor poorer. Rebel Satoshi hopes to dismantle this oppressive system and promote the DeFi movement fueled by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Thus, it’s an unconventional meme coin with a noble purpose while maintaining a familiar meme culture. Rewards associated with DeFi companies will also play a role in Rebel Satoshi, with the $RBLZ token as the facilitator.

$RBLZ holders can earn excellent staking rewards by ‘locking up’ their tokens, which also boosts network security. They can also participate in the Rebel Artefacts Vault, an NFT collection of 9,999 collectibles and digital art traded in a high-spirited marketplace. Those with the most holdings also gain exclusive perks like insider updates, governance power, and induction into the Rebel Meme Hall of Fame.

The earliest participants in Rebel Satoshi‘s presale expect 150% returns. This is how much $RBLZ will have surged following this event, from the first round value of $0.010 to $0.025. The token is worth $0.020 now, where current buyers can expect a 25% ROI.

Still, $0.020 is a low price that will likely surge further once Rebel Satoshi goes live!

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram


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