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ETFs flashes green, S&P 500 posts positive week led by semiconductors

The Exchange Traded Funds and the S&P 500 stocks have turned the market largely green fuelled by various factors. Notably, the market rally was powered by oil ETF prices. In April, the global oil prices were volatile and market watchers believe that the crude oil price will rebound soon. 

Under the S&P 500, the last seven days witnessed the largest rally in 50 trading days. The last few months were grim for the stocks due to the Coronavirus pandemic that led to economic shutdowns. All indicators show that more gains are coming. 

S&P 500 price chart, last 12 months, data.

An overview of the ETF map shows that under US index sector investing giant Vanguard Total (VTI:NYSE) led that rally with +3.04% gains with each share selling at $157.85. Invesco (RSP: NYSE) also had a significant gain with each share selling at $106.51 representing +5.60% gains. ProShares UltraPro (UPRO: NYSE) registered another high gain at 10.77% with each share selling at $68.61.

Under the United States technology sector, the Technology Select Sector (XLK: NYSE) had gains of +2.13% with each going at $98.81. iShares (IVV: NYSE) had gained by 8.20%. On the other hand, Direxion (SPXL: NYSE) was among the biggest gainers among the ETFs at +26.26%.

The ETF chart for the last seven days.
ETFs performance map, last 7 days, data.

The international overview of ETFs shows under the developed market shares (IEFA: NYSE) rallied by 5.24% while Schwab International Equity (SCHF: NYSE) gained by _+4.93% with each share trading at $30.44. In Europe, iShares MSCI Germany (EWG: NYSE) was among the biggest gainers with +8.43% with a share of $27.91. 

After the market turned red in the wake of the Coronavirus, things are now looking up for the S&P 500 companies.

For the S&P 500, the rally was led by the Semiconductors firms (including companies that deals with 5G technology) with Broadcom Inc (NYSE: AVGO) gaining by +9.09% and stock selling by $308.09. QUALCOMM (NYSE: QCOM) was another big gainer at +10.15% with each stock at $86.04. Texas Instrument (TXN: NYSE) stock rose by +10.97% with each stock selling at $128.58. Elsewhere, Qorvo (NYSE: QRVO) gained by +12.53%. 

S&P 500 performance map, last 7 days, data.

Under the technology sector, Microsoft (NYSE: MSFT) gained by +0.84% with each stock at $182.92. On the other hand, Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) was up by +5.94% over the past seven days.  

For services, Amazon (NYSE: AMZN) gained by +2.48% with stock prices at $2,460.60. Elsewhere, Energy Exxon Mobil (NYSE: XOM) gained by +9.01%. Additionally, Chevron (NYSE: CVX) registered gains of 5.95% with $96.28 in stock price. 

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, healthcare stock has been performing well. In the last seven days, the sector Merck gained by +3.18% with each stock selling at $81.55.  

After a dismal April, the stocks are now turning green as economies reopen. While economies shutting down wreaked havoc on some industries such as retail and airlines, other areas of the market saw a boost. Stocks under technology and healthcare are among the less impacted during the period.

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