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How to buy Amazon stock with Revolut? 7 Easy Steps

How to buy Amazon stock with Revolut? 7 Easy Steps

About Amazon, Inc.

Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of the e-commerce company Amazon Inc. (ticker: AMZN), started the company as an online bookseller all the way back in the dawn of online commerce in 1994. After 26 years since the launch of Amazon, he radically transformed the company into a globally known online platform and established himself as the world’s wealthiest CEO.

The company has reported revenue of $280 billion in 2019 (a rise of 21% relative to the previous year and 457% over the course of the five years preceding it), exceeding Wall Street forecasts and expectations.

Like other such hallmarks of Silicon Valley’s success, Amazon, too, is a founder-run company. Bezos is known for having created a forward-looking culture that rejects the short-sighted quarter-to-quarter mindset of Wall Street, doing everything from the perspective of the long-term in the long run instead. Bezos believes that present returns and accomplishments are the consequence of decisions made three or five years ago.

Amazon started as a disruptor, gradually forcing brick-and-mortar booksellers out of business due to its scale of reach, convenience and lower overhead. It didn’t take long for Amazon to go from books to all sorts of other product categories and services – toys, electronics, e-book readers, clothes, tools, etc. However, primarily responsible for Amazon’s growth and success throughout the years has in fact been its cloud computing services division, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

While AWS is a top leader in the cloud computing industry by high margin, it’s beginning to face competition from other industry players (e.g., Google, IBM, Alibaba) — as well as Microsoft’s (MSFT) Azure, which is routinely growing faster.

Amazon also continues invest in cloud computing—diversifying its range of available out—of—the—box web services. It also pours resources into its transportation and logistics heavily, as well as video content (Amazon Prime) which is simultaneously competing against the giants like Netflix (NFLX) in the online entertainment industry.

The company has also been known to be working on building its drone technology-based delivery services which may, in the not too distant future, potentially rival well-known and long-established international courier companies like UPS and FedEx.

Amazon’s AWS division and CEO Jeff Bezos are considered to be the company’s two main competitive advantages (Bezos is also the largest single owner of Amazon stock, which ensures that his interests are aligned with those of the shareholders).

Amazon stock hit a record high of $2,185.95 on February 11th but shares have sharply dropped since then as markets entered into correction and the global Covid-19 pandemic fears have battered the entire stock market.

Buying Amazon stock with Revolut

The Revolut banking app has been previously reviewed at Finbold, and a guide on how to open an account at Revolut (as well as how to get a free prepaid card) has also been covered. Among free money transfers, smart savings feature and other things, Revolut offers commission-free stock trading.

To start trading stocks with Revolut, you will be asked to confirm the trading agreement documents that Revolut will ask you the first time you try buying Amazon stock.

INFO: To purchase stock in Revolut, you will need to top up your investment account first. You can do this through the associated bank account you’ve linked to Revolut, in either one of the major currencies of your choosing. Revolut automatically converts between them based on the current market spot price.

However, Revolut is made as simple and user friendly as possible and buying stocks through its app interface couldn’t be easier. Just follow the usual steps as explained below.

  • Step 1 – Open the Revolut app and go to “Dashboard”.
  • Step 2 – Then go over to “Trading” and tap “Show more”.
  • Step 3 – After confirming the related agreement documents that Revolut will ask you the first time you try buying stock, press “Invest”.
Guide on how to buy Amazon stock (AMZN) with Revolut. Steps 1 to 3.
  • Step 4 – Click on the “Search” button and type “Amazon”, then press on it.
  • Step 5 – Press “Buy”.
  • Step 6 – Enter the amount you want to invest in buying Amazon stock.
Guide on how to buy Amazon stock with Revolut. Steps 4 to 6. Keep in mind that it’s said that the default supported Revolut charts are not entirely reliable. If using those as orientation, it may be wise to also compare with those elsewhere (e.g.,

INFO: Please note, you can buy any stock for as little as $1. If you buy a dividend stock – you will only be eligible to get dividends to your Revolut investment account only if you will own at least 1 full share or more. Read more about fractional stock trading here.

  • Step 7 – Confirm your order by clicking “Buy now”.
  • Final step – Congratulations, your order has been executed – click “Done” to finalize.
  • Order review – Now, you’ll get a receipt-like review of your purchased order and will be able to track the performance and price movement of your stock and the returns of your investment.
Step 7, (final step and order review). Once you confirm the purchase, the order will execute and your account will be loaded with the amount of stock purchased soon afterward.

Before you buy

With Revolut you can trade over 800 US and S&P 500 stocks — from Amazon and Apple to Netflix, Nike, Tesla, Peloton and PepsiCo to even Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Holdings (SPCE) among many more.

INFO: Standard account has 3 commission-free trades per month. If you make more than three trades per month – you should opt for the paid Premium plan account, which increases your free trades to 8 per month. Or the Metal plan, which includes all features, a metal card and unlimited commission-free trading.

Here are the commission fees per trade in different currencies, once you exhaust your monthly free trades:

Revolut stock trading fees
Revolut trading fees after you exhaust your monthly free trades.

Before you go: Already operating or plan to open a business or start freelancing? Consider opening a business account with Revolut. The company offers a wide range of benefits when onboarding your business with “Revolut business“. Read our honest review about the features and other essential information by pressing the button below.

Please note: Trading carries risk. Make sure you do your research (DYOR) before investing your funds into any financial asset. is not responsible for any of the profits or losses you might experience. The article is for information purposes only. is not a financial advisor.

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