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Ethereum ETF Will Happen Very Fast — Here Are The Coins to Buy Now

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The approval of Bitcoin ($BTC) Spot ETFs has created a new precedent for digital assets having ETF products, and the Ethereum ($ETH) ETF will happen very fast. An Ethereum Futures ETF product already uses spot price as its base, making any argument against an approval nonsensical. BlackRock knows what it is doing, and an Ether Spot will be available later this year.

Now is the right time to be bullish on Ethereum and Ethereum betas- these are the top cryptos to buy right now. Betas are smaller cap tokens whose performance is linked to a leading asset. Regarding Ethereum, here are the coins to buy now: $ETH, $ARB, $SNX, $OP, and $GFOX.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Ethereum Presale Beta 

Galaxy Fox is a hybrid meme/ P2E token and is an excellent play for anybody who is bullish on GameFi, memecoins, and Ethereum. Its unique positioning in dual narratives gives it tremendous upside potential, and the protocol itself has an excellent user acquisition model.

Its Web3 runner game pays out prizes to skilled players, and anybody can compete. A new dimension is added with NFTs boosting in-game stats, and the ability to earn real money is a perfect incentive for new users to enter this ecosystem. Users stay for the staking rewards, and the protocol’s token burn means they are earning yield on a deflationary asset.

This ICO launching in the Ethereum ecosystem while specualtive attention is focused here could easily produce a 100X run. $GFOX is a top crypto to buy now. 

Ethereum ($ETH) Spot ETF Loading 

Ethereum is the next narrative trade, and investors already have the playbook. Bitcoin was at $25,000 when Fink announced he had made an application for a Spot ETF. It rallied all the way to $48,000. Ethereum will do the exact same.

Buying $ETH now has to be one of the most straightforward trades in the world. However, given $ETH’s large market cap upside potential is certainly capped compared to the beta plays.

Arbitrum ($ARB) Leading Layer 2

Arbitrum ($ARB) is the leading layer two and is an easy beta play. $ARB’s performance is heavily affected by $ETH’s price, and if Ethereum rallies 5%, Arbitrum typically rallies 15%+.

Set to benefit from the Dencun upgrade and the introduction of a new type of transaction known as a blob. Blobs will massively reduce the cost for rollup providers and end users. $ARB is one of the top 5 cryptos to invest in for anybody bullish long-term on Ethereum and the future of rollups.

Synthetix ($SNX) Liquidity Provision King

Synthetix ($SNX) is another of the top cryptos to buy right now, and this liquidity provision protocol is a crucial pick-and-shovel play. It is the backend for multiple protocols on Ethereum and Optimism, and a massive percentage of trading activity taking place on-chain feeds value back to $SNX stakers.

Optimism ($OP) Rise of the OP Stack

Optimism ($OP) is the second-largest rollup, and the propagation of the OP Stack, a modular framework for building rollups, promises to feed an incredible amount of value to $OP token holders.

They will control governance rights for all rollups constructed using the OP Stack, and the growing adoption of this tech standard increases Optimism’s technological dominance. $OP is another top crypto to buy for anybody who is bullish on Ethereum and modular design.

Closing Thoughts: Ethereum Uptrend Unlocks Huge Upside For Betas

The Ethereum Spot ETF will happen sooner than investors think, and beta plays are the top cryptos to buy now. As $ETH becomes dominant and starts to outperform Bitcoin, it gives these smaller caps riding on its coattails enormous upside potential.

As per raw ROI potential, Galaxy Fox is leaps and bounds beyond its competition, and $GFOX launching in the current conditions is a clear path to a 100X rally. Participate in the presale today! 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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