Expect more market volatility this month, Invesco strategist projects

Expect more market volatility this month, Invesco strategist projects
12 months ago
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Investment management firm Invesco chief global strategist Kristina Hooper has said that the stock market should expect extended volatility across October.

Speaking to TD Ameritrade Network, Hooper noted that the volatility is a consequence of the rising inflation concerns alongside supply chain issues. 

According to the strategist, inflation not being transitory as expected adds to the market anxiety. 

However, she noted that the projected market movement stems from the overall effects of the pandemic, and it will take time for normalcy to return. 

“And so that creates an environment in which we’re likely to see some turbulence. I think we have to expect volatility, and that’s okay. What I do believe is that as the situation normalizes, and it will take time and keep in mind, we have lived through an incredible economic disruption in, in the pandemic. And so, it’s going to take time for these issues to work itself out. I think the most important thing is to be patient and to have a keen eye, to look for opportunities as they present themselves,” said Hooper. 

Additionally, Hooper believes the happenings around the U.S. Congress will contribute to the volatility. She termed the Congress as dysfunctional, something positive when it comes to factors like tax hikes.

Tech stocks presents opportunity

Furthermore, Hooper stated that the technology stocks have an enormous opportunity for investors despite the expected volatility. Hooper suggested that with labor costs facing the United States, companies will likely invest more in technology to counter the shortage of workers directly benefitting stocks in the sector.

However, she noted that the opportunity is potentially near term while citing stocks in cybersecurity and software will stand out. 

She called on investors to focus on the tech companies’ earnings season to inform the future of their stock. Hooper believes that most companies will be impacted by the challenges facing the U.S. economy alongside supply chain disruptions and rising labor costs.

Watch the video: Invesco’s Kristina Hooper shares her forward expectations for markets, explaining why she sees “an enormous amount of opportunity” for tech stocks despite the recent rise in the ten-year yield.

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