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Expert Foresees Greater Potential in Borroe Finance Presale Over Axie Infinity and BEAM

Expert Foresees Greater Potential in Borroe Finance Presale Over Axie Infinity and BEAM
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An anonymous crypto veteran has voiced assertive opinions about Borroe Finance’s ($ROE) potential to achieve considerable gains during its presale compared to altcoins like Axie Infinity (AXS) and Beam (BEAM). His two cents came as $ROE, AXS, and BEAM took a leg up on the price chart.

Let’s find out the best crypto to invest in among these trio.


Borroe Finance Portends Tremendous Prospect

A crypto pundit has shared his observation of Borroe Finance’s ($ROE) prospect grounded on its presale performance. According to him, Borroe Finance ($ROE) ranks among the top DeFi projects that can turn the DeFi landscape around. He urged investors who have yet to ape into $ROE’s presale to not miss out on a lifetime opportunity.

Borroe Finance is the premier blockchain-based discounted non-fungible tokens marketplace in the DeFi sector. It runs on the Polygon blockchain as a funding platform for Web3 users to generate revenue from selling future earnings generated from invoices, subscriptions, and royalties as discounted NFTs. 

The primary objective of Borroe Finance ($ROE) is to cater to the financial needs of Web3 participants. $ROE has recently been one of the most promising presales, with investors earning up to 100% of their initial capital before its DEX release. 

Per Borroe Finance’s presale trajectory, $ROE went from $0.01 at its beta stage to $0.02 at its fifth and final stage. Now, Borroe Finance ($ROE) is on the brink of another 25% rally to $0.025, a projection that positions the top ICO project as the best cryptocurrency to invest in today.


Axie Infinity Touches 52-Week High Amid Trading Sessions

According to a report on March 22, Axie Infinity (AXS) witnessed an impressive price gain that propelled the asset above a range last seen about a year ago. This report followed a disclosure that Axie Infinity will be launching its latest project, Axie Classic Guilds Leaderboard S1, in April. 

As the announcement highlights, the competition will introduce a 10,000 AXS price pool for participants.

Axie Infinity noted that the contest will span till April 12. After the news came to public knowledge, AXS experienced an instant dip before staging a recovery in the subsequent days. As a result, experts foresee a bright and bullish future for Axie Infinity (AXS).

The chart shows that Axie Infinity (AXS) is up 10.7% from $10.11 to $11.20 between March 22 and March 27. Based on analysts’ predictions, Axie Infinity (AXS) could continue towards $12.23 in the forthcoming day. This forecast translates to a 9.1% increase in the price of Axie Infinity (AXS).

Beam Price Prediction: The GameFi Token Dynamics

On March 24, Beam witnessed a notable price surge alongside the entire crypto market. In early March, the coin rose above $0.040 for the first time since its launch in October 2023. The price action set BEAM on a bullish path.

On the technical front, Beam trades around the 61 RSI region, slightly above the demarcation between the overbought and the oversold territories. While the asset is not particularly overbought, the bulls might push the asset deep into the state. Also, the MACD line on the BEAM chart has crossed over the signal line, affirming its bullish condition.

Beam is up 19.9% from $0.030 on March 20 to $0.036 on March 28. Experts claimed that BEAM is headed for $0.040 in the days ahead. This 11.1% rally presents BEAM as a good crypto to buy.

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