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Expert Insights: Discovering the Top 3 Cryptos Expected to Skyrocket

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April stands as a month that expects the crypto market to be in news. With Bitcoin’s fourth halving on the way and Ethereum’s new Dencun upgrade, the crypto market promises potential for gains. With 13,217 total crypto currencies around, memecoins are making the news. 

People’s Choice In The Crypto Space: BEFE, Bitgert and Centcex

The current news from the crypto market shows that it offers an opportunity for all to buy and sell. Not everyone can cash in the news and buy the big giants, so a host of meme coins have become the people’s favorite across the crypto industry. There are three cryptos that investors should buy before it makes news.

Centcex (CENX) is actively contributing to the development and expansion of Bitgert Chain through innovative decentralized applications. They are leveraging cutting-edge technology to enable fast, secure, and highly scalable transactions. Centcex is creating a powerful ecosystem that is attempting to revolutionize business and individual interactions. The current price of Centcex is $0.000549 per (CENX / USD), with a 24-hour trading volume of $143,557.38 in the crypto space. Centcex Exchange is a key feature in the ecosystem, offering secure, direct trading of coins and tokens with high privacy and speed. Its Staking feature provides up to 100% APY for token holders, making it a popular crypto for investors to buy.

Bitgert’s reward token, BEFE, is going through a surge in demand and trading volume due to its vision to expand itself into NFT and DeFi. With a near zero transaction fees and a fair launch, BEFE has gained popularity in the crypto landscape and has already shown + 350% growth  in the first month of its launch. It is listed on various cryptocurrency exchanges and has experienced significant growth, currently priced at $0.0004047, with a 24-hour trading volume of $396,781.28 as of March 19th’s trading news. 

Bitgert Coin (BRISE), the parent of BEFE and Centcex needs no introduction in the crypto world. Celebrated for its high security and scalability, Bitgert built its own chain called the Bitgert Chain. As per the latest news, Bitgert has shown massive growth in value and stands at $0.062480 as of today. With a predicted value of $0.00000175 by December 2025 it is sure to make news. Since the introduction of the BRC20 blockchain, investors have been keen to buy more of this crypto due to its low gas fees and quick cross-chain transaction processing, noted news publications.  

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