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Experts Reveal the Top New Crypto to Purchase Now Before Bitcoin’s (BTC) 2024 Halving

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With Bitcoin’s next halving event rapidly approaching, experts are revealing the top new cryptocurrency poised for massive gains, among them Pandoshi (PAMBO). As Bitcoin’s block reward gets cut in half in 2024 Q2, reduced supply typically triggers exponential price increases. Pandoshi offers the best opportunity to maximize these gains. 

Bitcoin 2024 Halving 

Bitcoin halving events occur approximately every 4 years. They systematically reduce the block rewards miners receive by 50%. With the next halving estimated for 2024 Q2, rewards will drop from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC per block.

Historically, these programmed supply shocks have consistently triggered parabolic bull runs. After previous halvings, Bitcoin appreciated by up to 9000% in the following 12 months. With the crypto market significantly more mature today, gains are projected to be even more dramatic this cycle. 

In fact, 84% of investors anticipate Bitcoin blasting past its former all-time high of $69,549 when rewards get cut in half later this year. However, experts emphasize that new cryptos with solid fundamentals, like Pandoshi, will massively outperform Bitcoin itself.

Explaining Pandoshi (PAMBO)

Pandoshi (PAMBO) has emerged as a manifesto championing decentralization, privacy, and monetary freedom. The utility token powers a decentralized ecosystem including a Layer 2 blockchain, DEX, wallet, game and more.

Notably, Pandoshi is in the final presale phase. The total supply is 2 billion PAMBO, with 1 billion available in the public sale. Impressively, four of the five phases have been sold out at record pace, demonstrating strong demand.  

Pandoshi’s deflationary tokenomics also make it highly attractive. There is a buyback and burn mechanism on transactions, reducing the circulating supply. This, coupled with increasing utility and speculation as the ecosystem develops, makes PAMBO an asset with exceptional upside potential.

Why Pandoshi Will See Exponential Gains

As the Bitcoin halving sparks hype and brings swaths of new adopters into crypto, Pandoshi is optimally positioned to capture users and capitalize on accelerating industry growth due to:

Deflationary Tokenomics 

With buybacks reducing supply as demand surges, experts project massive value gains for the PAMBO token. Scarcity typically triggers speculation, which will pump prices exponentially.

Real-World Utility

Unlike fleeting meme coins, Pandoshi powers an entire decentralized ecosystem. Real-world utility in DeFi, gaming, and beyond makes strong long-term price appreciation a certainty as adoption grows.  

Accessible Onboarding 

By supporting convenient payments via credit card, mobile wallet, and bank account, the Pandoshi presale provides easy market entry for new crypto users.

Aggressive Exchange Listings

Pandoshi is aiming for listings on top exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. These provide unparalleled liquidity and visibility for extreme growth. Listing on DEX giant Uniswap also enables direct swapping without centralized oversight.

Pandoshi’s user-friendly mobile wallet app makes storing, sending and using PAMBO accessible for crypto newcomers. The upcoming PandaChain app also offers hassle-free access to Pandoshi’s proprietary blockchain.


As the Bitcoin halving approaches, experts strongly recommend purchasing Pandoshi (PAMBO) to fully capitalize on the impending parabolic crypto market rally. Pandoshi offers a deflationary token, real-world utility, easy onboarding, top exchange listings, and intuitive mobile products to capture user demand and greatly outperform Bitcoin’s gains. With the presale nearing completion, experts urge crypto investors to acquire PAMBO now before it’s too late.

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