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Filecoin’s Community Energized by Glif’s 75M Reward, AI Altcoin Targets Chainlink’s Market Dominance

Filecoin's Community Energized by Glif's 75M Reward, AI Altcoin Targets Chainlink's Market Dominance
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Filecoin’s (FIL) prominent liquid staking service, Glif, recently revealed its rewards program in preparation for its official market launch. The Glif protocol aims to break the process of turning protocols into small fragments by leveraging FIL’s storage and liquidity providers. This new development energized the Filecoin community as investors anticipate the 75 million points reward Glif assigned to those who contribute their input. 

As excitement towards Filecoin’s development brews, investors also look to InQubeta (QUBE) for massive milestones this quarter. Top traders flock to this project because of its unique integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. This blockchain ICO challenges the dominance of significant projects like Chainlink (LINK) due to its advanced tokenomics and capabilities.

This article explores how InQubeta targets Chainlink’s market dominance. 

InQubeta (QUBE) Catches The Attention Of Elite Investors Seeking To Leverage Its Unique Technology 

InQubeta is an emerging project that everyone is talking about because it introduces a new paradigm in AI investment. QUBE steps into the spotlight with its concept of non-fungible token (NFT) investments to support upcoming AI tech startups. The project stands out from the usual crowd by creating enticing opportunities for novice and experienced investors to participate in the AI revolution. QUBE is the best crypto for beginners because it provides affordable investment solutions in the AI space. 

QUBE challenges Chainlink’s market dominance because it shatters the limitations of traditional AI investments and opens a fair world of investing. The project’s NFT marketplace makes it one of the best altcoins. Through QUBE’s marketplace, startups issue reward and equity-based NFTs to raise project funds. This innovative approach ensures that startups and investors benefit from InQubeta’s ecosystem. 

This blockchain ICO is gathering steam for the incoming bull run, with its impressive performance raising over $13 million. The project leads the ICO space with over 949 million tokens purchased by elite investors who want to 100x their portfolios. Though in the final lap of its presale, traders remain bullish as they rally to get QUBE at an affordable $0.028 before its official launch. This Chainlink rival proves its worth as top experts predict a 75x surge after its launch, making it one of the best altcoins in 2024. 

The soaring whale activity on Chainlink demonstrates the project’s resilience despite its challenges due to reduced trading activity. The project is the primary provider of decentralized oracle activity for intelligent contracts, and that’s why investors rally around its high growth potential. LINK’s active community base is why the project witnessed massive accumulation in Q1, and investors look forward to more growth on the platform. Yet, InQubeta challenges Chainlink’s market dominance with its strategic positioning in the AI industry. QUBE leverages the hype surrounding the AI space, making it a solid LINK rival for those seeking long-term investments.

Filecoin’s (FIL) Bullish Trend Rallies More Community Support 

Filecoin’s positive trend sets the stage for bullish movements in its ecosystem. Recently, the project’s liquid staking service announced its plans to launch its rewards program that assigns 75 million reward points to users for their input. FIL’s Glif feature allows current and future storage providers (SPs) and liquidity providers (LPs) to gain huge rewards.

The Glif program demonstrates Filecoin’s huge milestones, and the distribution process will continue until September 26th, 2024. Filecoin investors anticipate the project’s massive rally following the increased activity on the platform. The platform’s growth energizes the FIL community, as Glif’s roadmap allows investors to earn more rewards.


InQubeta’s impressive presale and ambition plan to expand the accessibility of AI investment makes it a noteworthy investment. Investors interested in the best crypto for beginners are drawn to this AI crypto due to its strong growth potential and solid fundamentals. QUBE mirrors the growth of projects like Filecoin because of its dedication to community development. InQubeta targets Chainlink’s dominance with its ongoing presale, and as it nears its official launch, early investors look forward to 10x growth. Get the QUBE token today!

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