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Fortnite creator acquires a Kakao-backed Korean VR startup Hyprsense

Epic Games has acquired facial motion capture software developer, Hyprsense

On October 29, 2020, reports emerged that Epic Games, the creator of the blockbuster Fortnite game, acquired Hyprsense, a facial motion capture software developer. Nonetheless, the details of this deal are yet to be disclosed.

Hyprsense is a Korean startup based in Silicon Valley, the hub of global startups. The Chief Executive Officer, Yu Jihun, launched the company in 2015. The company uses virtual reality and augmented reality technology to develop facial motion capture software.

Hyprface, a real-time facial motion capture program is the company’s core program. This program enables users to animate 3D characters in real-time using only their facial expressions. Finbold has contacted Hyprsense for a confirmation of this deal, but they are yet to respond.

This is a demo video of Hyprface, Hyprsense facial mocap SDK. Hyprsense develops real-time facial mocap solution to animate 3D characters in real-time based on a user’s facial expression.

Hyprsense investors

The main members of Hyprsense including CEO Yu will remain at Epic Games for some time, based on the takeover agreement as highlighted by Kedglobal.

Main investors of Hyprsense include Kakao Ventures, Atinum Partners, Pearl Abyss Capital, and KT Investment. Among these investors, Kakao Ventures is the only one that has participated in all the funding rounds. They have participated from the seed funding in 2015 until the Series A funding round of 2018.

Participants and enthusiasts of the virtual reality industry believe that this acquisition is a win-win scenario for both parties.

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