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GameStop Pumps Another 70% – 4 Meme Coins That Could Explode Next

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GameStop, the original meme stock that exploded just before Dogecoin took off in 2021, roared back to life this month. The stock jumped from $11 at the beginning of May to a high near $50 before settling into new support.

The move has many traders wondering—could 2021 repeat itself? If so, a surge in meme coin prices could soon follow as GameStop traders shift to the crypto market.

GameStop Token Continues to Soar

The surge in GameStop stocks came on the heels of a tweet by trader Keith Gill, better known as Roaring Kitty after his handle on X and Reddit. Roaring Kitty posted an image of a gamer sitting forward and retweeted his original thesis about GameStop stock from 2020, indicating that things were about to heat up around $GME stock.

His prediction quickly came true as traders heeded the call to action and pushed GameStop nearly 500% higher in just 2 days of trading. The stock has since fallen to support around $20—roughly 70% above the price level it had been trading at prior to Roaring Kitty’s tweet.

To many stock analysts, that means the pump isn’t over yet. Trading volume in $GME remains well above normal, and it’s likely that the stock will fall below $15 when its meme momentum fully runs out.

In the meantime, traders are already trying to determine what could pump next. While some are pointing to other meme stocks like AMC and Robinhood, the consensus is that the crypto market is the most likely to surge next as meme traders look for their next target.

Which Meme Coins Could Pump Next? 4 Tokens To Watch

In 2021, meme traders migrated from $GME to $DOGE, pushing the value of Dogecoin up more than 10,0000%. Many traders predict the same thing could happen again, but with newer meme coins instead of $DOGE.

That means the race is on to determine which token will become the face of this cycle’s meme rush. Here are 4 tokens to watch that have the potential to deliver enormous pumps.


Dogeverse is an exciting new multi-chain meme coin launching on 6 blockchains simultaneously: Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Base. The $DOGEVERSE token offers multi-bridge utility that makes it incredibly easy to move assets between chains with low gas fees.

That’s a big deal for blockchain interoperability. $DOGEVERSE could set a new standard for cross-chain DeFi, trading, gaming, and more, all while entertaining with its doge-inspired memeness.

The project caught the attention of many crypto traders and investors even before the GameStop pump. Its presale raised more than $15 million, and it’s headed into its final days with a lot of momentum. Analysts like Jacob ‘Crypto’ Bury predict that $DOGEVERSE will rocket higher after it lists on DEXs on 6 of the most popular networks at the same time.

The presale ends in just 3 days, so traders have to hurry if they want to buy $DOGEVERSE before the pump begins.

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PlayDoge is another doge-themed meme coin that’s already catching traders’ attention just 48 hours into its presale. Over the first 2 days of the $PLAY ICO, the project has raised more than $440,000—an impressive feat for a brand-new token.

PlayDoge’s potential derives from its unique and exciting play-to-earn crypto game, which rewards players with $PLAY tokens for taking care of a virtual doge companion pet. Players can also earn $PLAY for completing side adventures with their doge. The game is a bit like Tamagotchi, the 90s-era hit game, but with better graphics, more ways to play with the companion pet, and a meme-inspired theme.

At its peak in the 1990s, Tamagotchi sold more than 82 million units. Today, in a more connected world and with mobile apps for iOS and Android, PlayDoge could potentially reach hundreds of millions of players.

Early investors in the PlayDoge presale can lock in $PLAY at a price of only $0.005. Plus, the presale offers staking rewards up to 689% APY.

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Sealana is one of the newest Solana meme coins and many analysts think it has the potential to challenge $WIF, $BONK, and $MEOW for meme dominance on this red-hot blockchain. Sealana has raised more than $3 million in its ongoing $SEAL token presale.

The project appeals directly to traders with a meme-worthy seal who’s covered in fish bones and pizza grease. He’s too busy chasing the next explosive meme coins in the ‘Solana Sea’ to clean up after himself—a light roasting of crypto trading culture that traders are sure to appreciate.

Unlike many other new meme coins, $SEAL doesn’t offer utility or staking. It’s all about building hype and delivering pumps, which makes it an ideal target for meme traders looking for the next gold rush.

The Sealana presale has no price tiers and no hard cap. The token can launch at any time without warning. So, traders have to join $SEAL as soon as possible if they want to grab this meme coin before it pops.

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WienerAI is an exciting meme coin that takes a twist on the doge meme. Instead of a shiba inu as its mascot, this meme coin uses a sausage-shaped wiener dog. The mascot lends itself to some excellent puns, including calling the WienerAI community the ‘Sausage Army.’

WienerAI is also building tools for crypto traders, including an AI-powered trading bot that can help give $WAI token holders an edge in the market. The bot will be able to deliver real-time signals that traders can put on auto-pilot or act on manually. WienerAI’s built-in swap offers fee-free swaps, helping users squeeze even more profits out of every trade.

WienerAI’s presale has been hot, raising more than $3.5 million in its first few weeks. The next price increase is just a day away, but traders can still buy $WAI at a bargain price of $0.000712. On top of that, WienerAI is offering staking rewards up to 297% APY.

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