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Global Sensation BlockDAG’s $600M Target Shines, Investors Say Goodbye to Pullix and Ethereum Classic

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The US Presidential elections always impact the overall trends of the crypto market. With positive indications from pro-crypto candidates like Asa Hutchinson, established tokens and new projects like BlockDAG Crypto have gained the attention of investors and analysts. 

BlockDAG (BDAG), with its next-generation consensus mechanism, presale allure, and X-Series home miners, has blurred the Pullix price prediction and Ethereum Classic’s resilience. The rapid sellout of BDAG coins in batch 1 of presale and the potential of daily earnings from mining have hypnotized crypto investors. The project is successfully setting itself to reach the $600 million target in 2024.

Pullix’s KYC and Security Concerns 

Pullix, the new entry in the crypto world, is already in phase 7. But since the crypto token is yet to launch, no one can predict the exact Pullix price. However, the estimations are high since the platform brings a clever blend of CEX and DEX systems.

The hybrid model will introduce a classic staking model for pro-crypto users to earn a passive income. What’s more, it won’t require KYC verification. Now, this makes the process hassle-free, but it raises security issues on the other hand.

Ethereum Classic is Stable Amidst Crypto Flux

While the Pullix price prediction is uncertain, Ethereum Classic is trying to maintain its value. The market has slightly fluctuated since the 2024 elections are approaching, and some US presidential candidates are commenting in digital currencies.

Instead, Ethereum Classic has continued its slightly bullish trend since 22 January. Multiple analysts and crypto pundits observed the resilience of Ethereum Classic against the gushing winds and marked its mild price swings as stable enough for crypto investors. 

BlockDAG: Sprinting Towards the High-Rise Goal

Just like Pullix, BlockDAG is another project set to launch soon. However, it has a set goal to reach an astonishing $600 million valuation in 2024, unlike the vague Pullix price prediction. Pro-crypto analysts are already naming it the next big crypto due to its flexibility, scalability, and security.

Inspired by Bitcoin and Kaspa, BDAG works on combining PoW and DAG consensus mechanisms. Taking note of its next-gen consensus mechanism, analysts predict the coin can reach the $1 mark. The coin’s potential also allows its miners to get up to a potential $100 worth of BDAG coins daily from the X100 mining rig. Its advanced algorithm and cutting-edge technology make the process faster, more secure, and even more decentralized than its giant competitor.

Amid the hot topic of the US Presidential elections, BlockDAG has become investors’ favourite due to its eco-friendly and sustainable nature. With its super efficient and eco-friendly mining rigs that reduce energy consumption and operational power, BlockDAG has a more secure future as compared to Pullix or Ethereum Classic.

Final Words

US elections usually shake several worldwide matters, and the crypto world is no exception. Among the candidates, pro-crypto contenders are making the environment friendly for new projects like BlockDAG Crypto. As Pullix’s price prediction is unclear and the Ethereum Classic still struggling to keep its momentum, BlockDAG becomes investors’ favourite choice to invest. 

Pro-crypto investors are gauging the high ROI volume with the launch of BlockDAG on top-tier exchanges. The coin has already asserted dominance in its presale batch. If you are also interested in getting a high return on your investment, join the presale today and thank yourself tomorrow.

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