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Global Web3 metaverse platform CRETA collaborates with SWISSBORG, Europe’s largest Web3 investment/marketing platform.

Press Releases

SWISSBORG, the largest Web3 investment and marketing platform in Europe, has entered into a partnership agreement with the massive Web3 metaverse gaming platform, Creta

SwissBorg is the largest Web3 investment/marketing platform in Europe, boasting a membership of 1.5 million individuals and connections with influencers, having a combined sum of over 20 million subscribers. The platform offers a diverse range of services, including crypto portfolio management, cryptocurrency trading, and investment.

SwissBorg’s investment-related services are highly regarded for their stringent evaluation criteria, selecting Web3 projects through launchpads and investment portfolio management platforms. The platform promotes these selected projects to its 1.5 million members, providing investment opportunities. Additionally, through collaborations with influential channels and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) with a combined subscriber base of over 20 million, effective marketing is carried out, significantly increasing the likelihood of project success. This track record has established SwissBorg as a highly preferred investment platform among users, wielding significant influence in the Web3 investment market.

Not only does SwissBorg excel as an investment platform, but its evaluation as a trading platform also receives high praise. Renowned crypto channel Coin Bureau, boasting 2.4 million subscribers, has positioned SwissBorg as the safest investment platform compared to major cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken. Coin Bureau has named SwissBorg as one of the top 5 safest cryptocurrency wallets (exchanges) for both 2023 and 2024. While SwissBorg’s trading platform may have a smaller scale and fewer tradable cryptocurrencies compared to traditional CEX-based exchanges, it has garnered high praise for its stability and differentiated services, setting it apart from conventional exchanges.

In accordance with the recently signed agreement, SwissBorg is set to attract investments to the Creta platform through its global investment program. Simultaneously, a large-scale marketing campaign will be executed. Investors participating in SwissBorg’s distinctive Hero System, which provides differentiated opportunities based on investors’ track records and mission accomplishments, are predominantly enthusiastic and influential opinion leaders. In the context of attracting investments for Creta, participants in the Hero System will be granted special investment benefits for meeting specific conditions, fostering active participation and generating a synergistic marketing effect that triggers virality. This strategy aims to highlight the value of investing in Creta to its 1.5 million users. Additionally, by leveraging various channels associated with the company, renowned experts and influencers with a reach of over 20 million combined subscribers, particularly those interested in the web3/metaverse/gaming sectors, will be utilized to promote Creta platform’s technological excellence and vision. This approach is anticipated to successfully establish Creta in the global web3 market.

Creta, a global Web3 metaverse gaming platform, is headquartered in the UAE, with branches in Japan and Armenia. The development of the Creta platform is entrusted to Diverse, a South Korean company specializing in metaverse and game development, renowned for its high-performance game engine and exceptional graphic capabilities. The Web3-based platform utilizes the high-performance public blockchain, Locus Chain, enabling the creation of a massive multiverse that allows numerous metaverses to interconnect and expand, all presented in photorealistic visual quality. Notably, Creta leverages the high-performance blockchain mainnet, Locus Chain, which can replace a significant portion of server roles in online games, resulting in substantial infrastructure cost savings.

Creta is in partnership with Yoshiki Okamoto, a veteran in the gaming industry renowned for developing globally popular and critically acclaimed titles such as the Street Fighter series, Resident Evil (known as Biohazard in Japan), and the mobile game Monster Strike, which has accumulated a staggering 11.5 billion dollars in revenue. Creta is also attracting significant industry attention for its world-class lineup of content and partnerships, including a partnership with Thomas Vu, Executive PD of League of Legends and Netflix’s Arcane, and is in the process of raising a Creta growth fund worth hundreds of millions to billions of dollars with major US and Middle Eastern investors.

Creta is actively securing game content and partnerships from legendary producers such as Yoshiki Okamoto of the Street Fighter series, Resident Evil, Monster Strike, and Thomas Vu of LOL, and Arcane (Netflix) and many more. By rapidly expanding development and marketing efforts, Creta aims to complete its ecosystem at a high level, catalyzing a surge in the global web3 market. This strategic expansion encompasses numerous multiverses, Triple A-grade games, creator tools, and the SuperClub community, where gaming, production and reproduction, NFTs, daily life, intellectual property, economics, investments, advertising, hobbies, and challenges continuously circulate and expand. Through this dynamic and interconnected Creta ecosystem, the plan is to unleash a boom in the global web3 market.

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In 2017, SwissBorg successfully secured an initial capital of $53 million from approximately 24,000 investors, leading to the establishment of its headquarters in Switzerland. Presently, the platform stands as a prominent Web3 investment and marketing platform in Europe, boasting over 200 employees across more than 20 global countries. With a user base of around 1.5 million and generating revenues of $150 million, SwissBorg has positioned itself as a leader in the industry. SwissBorg holds a unique position in Europe, being the only company with Crypto and Web3-related investment certifications, excluding virtual asset exchanges. 

The company also possesses the coveted Crypto Trading License from Estonia, a recognition known for its stringent acquisition process in the European crypto and Web3 space, making SwissBorg a highly trusted platform among crypto professionals. As of 2023, SwissBorg is currently servicing over 100 countries, with the majority of them having the most advanced platform in terms of local currency support and integration capabilities, providing exceptional user convenience.

Creta, a web3-based multiverse gaming platform, is headquartered in Dubai, UAE, and comprises a team of renowned developers, publishers, and blockchain experts who have made a name for themselves in the global gaming industry. Notable figures include respected producer Ray Nakazato, renowned for his contributions to the global gaming industry, and Alexander Harutyunyan, the former CEO of European gaming publisher INNOVA. The team also includes CCR Seok-ho Yoon, the representative of Korea’s national game Fortress. Additionally, legendary game industry artisan Yoshiki Okamoto, known for developing iconic titles such as Street Fighter 2 and series, Resident Evil, and Monster Strike, which have collectively generated billions of dollars in revenue, along with Thomas Vu, the producer of League of Legends and Arcane, have formed a partnership. This collaboration is expected to bring about a world-class lineup of Web3 game titles.

Creta is composed of four key components, the endlessly scalable Creta Multiverse, Creta Game Platform (CGP) that services various web2 and web3 games, Creta Studio enabling anyone to create high-quality games and content, and Creta SuperClub, a web3 community that links the entire Creta platform. Creta Multiverse is currently engaged in developing an infinitely expandable multiverse, differentiating itself from traditional metaverses by implementing a colossal multiverse (with the sequential opening of three metaverses) where numerous metaverses can interconnect and expand. The platform aims to be the global pioneer in implementing a web3 photorealistic visual experience. Within Creta Multiverse, users can access a wide range of content and ecosystems, including MMORPGs, battle royales, casual games, and more, all designed for a seamless one-stop service experience. From a technical standpoint, the rights associated with clubs and posts are transformed into NFTs, granting administrators, members, and other NFT owners with ownership and transaction privileges. This allows for ownership transfer, transactions, mergers, and other activities. Furthermore, information about each member within a club is not stored on specific servers but is entirely decentralized, representing a genuinely decentralized community service. This approach empowers influencers to manage their fan base independently without being reliant on the platform.

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