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Green Bitcoin Price Rockets 70% After Uniswap Debut as Whale Investors Buy In

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Crypto’s latest buzzworthy project is off to an explosive start.

After a wildly successful presale, Green Bitcoin’s much-hyped GBTC token launched on Uniswap earlier today – and its debut didn’t disappoint.

Green Bitcoin Explodes on Listing Amid Whale Buying Frenzy

Within the first 30 minutes of trading, GBTC’s price skyrocketed a staggering 70% to hit $1.81 as speculative buyers flooded the market.

The token’s launch was explosive, fueled by hype, presale interest, and – most importantly – the deep pockets of whale investors.

Already, two colossal buy orders valued at $43,000 and $32,000 have been spotted on Uniswap’s order books.

It’s that kind of capital injection that has propelled GBTC to impressive heights right off the bat.

Of course, such rallies can cool off as quickly as they ignite, and GBTC has already experienced a slight pullback as some presale participants inevitably took profits.

But that pullback appears to have been short-lived, as new buyers are now flocking in, reigniting the token’s uptrend.

And despite the initial volatility, the project is already showing strong fundamentals.

GBTC already boasts over $2 million in trading volume and a respectable $340,000 in liquidity – solid figures for just a few hours of trading.

If this momentum persists, Green Bitcoin’s eco-friendly platform may just be the crypto market’s next viral sensation.

At press time Green Bitcoin is the top trending cryptocurrencies on DEXScreener, among Ethereum based projects.

GBTC Earns 99/99 Trust Score as CEX Listing Hype Builds

Green Bitcoin’s debut isn’t just attracting attention – it’s building trust, too.

According to the leading DEX analytics platform DEXTools, GBTC has already secured an exceptional 99/99 trust score despite being just a few hours old.

This top rating reflects the token’s combination of zero buy/sell tax, a verified smart contract, and confirmation it isn’t a honeypot.

Moreover, if GBTC’s trajectory so far is any indication, that trust could be validated tenfold in the days ahead.

This is because the FOMO around Green Bitcoin might just be getting started. 

With a CEX listing announcement coming next week, anticipation is building that GBTC could hit the mainstream consciousness.

Green Bitcoin’s impending CEX debut is likely to expose the token to a wave of new capital and retail investors – especially given the lucrative staking rewards on offer for holders.

Those locking up their GBTC can earn estimated yields of 72% per year for participating in Green Bitcoin’s protocol.

It’s an enticing offer that has already attracted over 8 million GBTC in the project’s early stages.

The hype around Green Bitcoin and its staking protocol has even extended to popular YouTubers like ClayBro and Matthew Perry, who have released in-depth videos on the token.

The Green Bitcoin team have locked the liquidity pool for one year.

Predict-to-Earn Model Combines Staking with Gamification Thrills

While staking rewards and exchange listings provide an exciting entry point, Green Bitcoin’s key proposition lies in its “Predict-to-Earn” mechanics.

In addition to the baseline yield, stakers can boost their earnings even further through Green Bitcoin’s gamified prediction platform.

Users stand to earn bonus tokens by accurately forecasting Bitcoin’s price movements.

It’s a first-of-its-kind model that combines staking with a predictive element, allowing GBTC investors to get paid based on their market savvy.

But beyond this Predict-to-Earn mechanism is an even more enticing feature – Green Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Stake consensus.

Thanks to this mechanism, GBTC transactions consume just 34 watt-hours of energy.

That’s a fraction of the 1,173,000 watt-hours required for a single Bitcoin transaction, courtesy of its energy-intensive Proof-of-Work model.

Ultimately, whether it’s gamification features, staking rewards, or eco-friendly values that catch the eye, one thing is clear – Green Bitcoin is making a splash in the crypto market.

View the latest Green Bitcoin price chart on DEXTools or DEXScreener.

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