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Green Bitcoin Pushes Past $500K Milestone As Investors Rush To Gamified Green Staking For Long-Term Rewards.

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Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) continues turning heads after pushing past the $500,000 milestone in its presale as investors rush to its Gamified Green Staking ecosystem for long-term passive rewards.

Green Bitcoin is bringing price prediction markets back into fashion by rewarding participants who accurately predict the next day’s price of Bitcoin.

Investors believe that this novel staking ecosystem creates a situation that might lead to a supply shock on the open market, as participants will need to lock tokens to earn rewards. As a result, they believe 10x returns are on the table for early adopters of the token.

Here’s what you’ve missed so far.

Green Bitcoin Sails Past Half a Million Raised As Momentum Builds

The momentum is building for Green Bitcoin as the fundraising sails past the $500K milestone.

Investors are rushing to the platform that allows participants to predict the price of Bitcoin to earn massive rewards.

Green Bitcoin combines the legacy of Bitcoin with the environmentally conscious Ethereum blockchain to give birth to a Green version of Bitcoin tied to the original.

The project introduces a unique staking model dubbed Gamified Green Staking that provides users with a passive income scaled to their level of investment.

In a nutshell, users simply have to accurately predict the price of Bitcoin for the following day within a “green zone” to earn rewards.

The project will release new weekly challenges and provide a 100% token bonus to spur participation.

Earn Rewards For Bitcoin Price Predictions

Gamified Green Staking empowers users to make daily price predictions on the price of $BTC to earn rewards.

Users stake their $GBTC tokens to be eligible to participate in the forecasts, and those placing accurate predictions are rewarded with a proportionate share of the daily staking reward pool.

The rewards earned are dependent on the level of investment made, as well as the duration that’s committed to the ecosystem.

The team has allocated 27% of the overall supply to provide rewards for Gamified Green Staking for the next two years.

To be eligible, participants must place their daily predictions by 11:30 PM EST.

The smart contracts behind the platform will then tally the day’s predictions against the actual Bitcoin price trend and reward accurate forecasts with a cut of the mining fee rewards.

The mining fee rewards are distributed every ten minutes, keeping in line with the original Bitcoin block schedule, and winners can withdraw their accumulated winners every 24 hours.

Why Are Investors Predicting a Supply Shock?

The entire idea behind Green Bitcoin is to foster long-term engagement and activity within the community. As a result of the activity, a high percentage of $GBTC will be locked into staking, creating a supply shock on the open market.

The supply shock will cause newcomers to pay higher prices for $GBTC following the presale, leading to exceptional returns for early adopters.

To incentivize long-term staking, the team will reward those who stake for more extended periods with higher rewards if they place accurate price predictions.

For example, those staking their tokens for at least a week are entitled to a 5% bonus on top of their regular daily rewards.

Monthly stakers are rewarded further with a 10% bonus granted on top of their rewards. The highest rewards are reserved for six-month stakers, who earn a whopping 15% on their daily rewards – making it an attractive avenue for long-term passive income.

This long-term staking incentive is expected to help propel the total supply locked in the ecosystem, creating a supply shock on the open market.

Get Positioned Today For Early Adopter Pricing

With the presale growing in popularity, the time to get positioned at favorable prices is short.

The presale uses a rising pricing strategy, meaning the cost of the token is consistently increasing.

The presale will be selling 40% of the total token supply.

Of the remaining supply, 27.5% is reserved for staking rewards, and 17.5% for marketing to ensure $GBTC sees a mainstream audience.

Then, another 20% is reserved to add liquidity to both decentralized and centralized exchanges, with the final 5% set aside to provide additional rewards to loyal community members.

Investors can currently purchase $GBTC in the presale for 40.4076.

The presale accepts ETH and USDT payments. Alternatively, a credit/debit card can be used to make the purchase.

Overall, Green Bitcoin is an exciting innovation in the price prediction space, allowing participants to earn long-term rewards consistently.

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