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How rich is the longest-sitting Republican senator: Chuck Grassley’s net worth revealed

How rich is the longest-sitting Republican senator: Chuck Grassley’s net worth revealed
Nemanja Curcic

Chuck Grassley is a senior U.S. politician who has served as the Senator from Iowa since 1981. A member of the Republican Party, he is the longest-sitting Republican and the sixth-longest-serving U.S. senator. Today, we’ll uncover Chuck Grassley’s net worth and summarize his sources of income. 

How rich is Chuck Grassley?

Chuck Grassley graduated from New Hartford Community High School in 1951. He earned a B.A. and M.A. in political science from Iowa State Teachers College (today the University of Northern Iowa). He also pursued a Ph.D. in political science at the University of Iowa, but he did not complete his studies.

Beginning in the 1950s, Grassley worked at farms and factories in Iowa, including as a sheet metal shearer and at an assembly line. He also briefly taught at Charles City College.

The Iowa senator started his political career in 1959 in the Iowa House of Representatives, a position he held until 1975. He was then elected to the House of Representatives and finally secured his position as a senator in 1981.

In addition to his politician’s salary, Chuck Grassley owns sizeable farmlands in Butler County, Iowa, Beaver Township. Furthermore, he and his spouse have invested significantly in several mutual funds, which contribute greatly to his wealth. 

What is Chuck Grassley’s net worth?

In 2018, OpenSecrets pinned down Chuck Grassley’s net worth at $7.55 million. The 2023 financial disclosure form available to the public estimates his net worth between $3.29 million and $7.9 million.

Disclaimer: Estimating a lawmaker’s net worth is challenging because disclosure forms do not mandate exact values. Instead, lawmakers report the value of their assets and liabilities within specified ranges. While we strive to accurately estimate net worth from filings, disclosure rules have shortcomings. Personal residences, certain personal property, and federal retirement accounts are often not reported. Large assets can be listed in broad categories like “Over $1 million” or “Over $50 million,” potentially worth much more. Additionally, most Members of Congress earn $174,000 annually, but this isn’t required to be disclosed.

How did Chuck Grassley make his money?

Chuck Grassley’s net worth has grown considerably through several channels:

  • Politician’s salary: Grassley was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1975, and since that point, he has been receiving an annual salary that is currently $174,000. However, as president pro tempore of the United States Senate from 2019 to 2021, he was entitled to a salary of $193,400. Throughout the decades, the compensation for his political positions varied from the current figure, being $44,600 ($242,556 in 2023 dollars) in 1975;
  • Farmland income: Chuck Grassley owns agricultural real estate throughout Butler County, Iowa, Beaver Township, in addition to the farmstead where he was born, which is in New Hartford, Iowa. According to his 2023 annual financial disclosure file, he received a combined farm income of slightly over $235,000;
  • Investing in mutual funds: Chuck Grassley and his spouse, Barbara Speicher, hold significant positions in various mutual funds through their brokerage accounts. As his financial disclosure form does not require precise figures but an upper and lower denoted limit, it is impossible to know the exact sum. However, as indicated by the forms, their accounts are likely worth seven-figure sums.

Insider trading involvement

Chuck Grassley is involved in investing, but there are no public records of him being accused of insider trading. However, when he was asked about whether he supports the bill that would ban members of Congress from trading individual stocks, he said that he was “not ready to say that he is ready to do that.”

As a member of Congress, Chuck Grassley’s financial activities are closely monitored and subject to the STOCK Act, which prohibits the use of insider information for private profit, including insider trading.

Who is Chuck Grassley?

Chuck Grassley was born on September 17, 1993, in New Hartford, Iowa. He was raised on a farm without electricity or running water during his childhood. Grassley wanted to work either as a teacher or as a politician, with little initial interest in agriculture. However, he would return to the farmstead after his father died. Grassley is one of just two U.S. senators actively engaged in farming.

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Known for his extensive legislative career and deep influence in Congress, Chuck Grassley is a member of the Republican Party. He has drawn from his lifelong experience as a farmer to work on agricultural issues, but also government oversight and fiscal conservatism. He would be a key member of various Senate committees dedicated to tax reform and judicial appointments.

Chuck Grassley has also built a reputation for spearheading transparency and government accountability. He has engaged in bipartisan efforts to further whistleblower protection and fraud prevention. Furthermore, he set a record for the longest attended roll-call vote streak in January 2016, having not missed one since July 1993.

Grassley remains a seasoned veteran of U.S. politics and a respected, if occasionally controversial, figure on the American political scene.

The bottom line

Chuck Grassley’s net worth, estimated to be between $3.29 million and $7.9 million, makes the longest-sitting Republican a relatively well-off senator compared to his peers. 

Disclaimer: The content on this site should not be considered investment advice. Investing is speculative. When investing, your capital is at risk.

FAQs about Chuck Grassley net worth

What is Chuck Grassley's net worth?

According to his publicly available 2023 financial disclosure form, Chuck Grassley’s net worth is between $3.29 million and $7.9 million.

Who is Chuck Grassley married to?

Senator Chuck Grassley is married to Barbara Speicher. They have five children together.

What is Chuck Grassley's most valuable asset?

Chuck Grassley’s most valuable asset is his Columbia Dividend Income Fund Institutional Class (GSFTX) mutual funds position valued between $250,001 and $500,000.

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