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IShowSpeed net worth 2024 | How much money does IShowSpeed have?

IShowSpeed’s net worth revealed: How rich is the young streamer?
Nemanja Curcic

Streaming video games like Roblox, Fifa, and Fortnite, IShowSpeed has caught the public’s attention for his explosive and temperamental personality. Despite accusations of brazen, racist, and misogynistic behavior, he has amassed a sizable wealth, and today’s article will reveal IShowSpeed’s total net worth.

How did Speed get famous?

In 2016, at only 11 years old, Darren Watkins Jr. created the YouTube account he would become known for –”IShowSpeed”.

His beginnings live streaming NBA 2K and Fortnite were humble, as he had an average of two viewers. In fact, nothing pointed toward IShowSpeed’s net worth and fame in the future. However, within the span of several months, his audience grew, and he reached 100,000 subscribers in April 2021. 

The spike in popularity stemmed from IShowSpeed’s violent outbursts that went viral, as well as insults aimed at other players and game mechanics. By June of that year, his subscriber count reached a million. In July 2022, he had 10 million subscribers, which reached 20 million in August 2023. As of May 2024, his YouTube account has 24.4 million subscribers.

Watkins’ hostile attitude resulted in many bans from various platforms, including Twitch, but fueled his growing popularity. He was attributed to a popularity spike of Talking Ben the Dog as his streams helped it become the best-selling game in the App Store.

In December 2022, IShowSpeed won the Streamy Awards’ “Breakout Streamer” title.

IShowSpeed’s music career

Watkins started his rapper career in August 2021 by releasing his first song, Dooty Booty, through his YouTube channel. The single quickly became popular as it spread through social media platforms like TikTok. Three months later, his next single, Shake, came out, and it reached over 200 million views on YouTube. 

In 2022, he released two songs: Ronaldo (Sewey), dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo in June, and World Cup, honoring the 2022 FIFA World Cup in November. In March 2024, he dropped an EP, Trip 2 Brazil, with four new songs.

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IShowSpeed’s net worth revealed

According to CelebrityNetWorth, his combined ventures in gaming, streaming, and rapping have landed Darren Watkins Jr., or IShowSpeed, a total net worth of $10 million

Despite his aggressive and violent outbursts, or because of them, Watkins has managed to draw in millions of viewers and subscribers, turning him into a hugely popular online figure. By diversifying his gaming streams with rap music, celebrity collabs, and snippets of his personal life, like his relationship with Ermony Renee, he has attracted an ever-growing fan community.

IShowSpeed’s controversies

Throughout the years, IShowSpeed’s stunts and belligerent behavior made headlines and caused both pushbacks from platforms and surges in popularity from his audience.

In December 2021, the streamer collaborated with Adin Ross, a fellow streamer, and participated in his live Twitch e-dating show. As Watkins clashed with Ash Kash, another participant, the exchange culminated in what many perceive to be a rape threat and sexual harassment. Twitch then proceeded to ban the streamer from its platform.

In April 2022, a clip of Watkins playing Valorant went viral, with the streamer making misogynistic remarks against a female player. Although IShowSpeed apologized for his behavior, Riot Games permanently banned him from Valorant and its other titles. 

In July of the same year, Watkins streamed a sexual Minecraft mod called “Jenny’s Mod” and displayed his character participating in oral sex. At first, he censored the screen but proceeded to uncover the scene to approximately 96,000 viewers, receiving a one-week ban on the social media platform.

In spite of (or due to) controversies, IShowSpeed’s net worth has remained on the rise.

IShowSpeed’s WWE appearance

Watkins’ year-long feud with KSI culminated in a charity boxing match in December 2023. Ultimately, they managed to raise over $63,200 for the Anthony Walker Foundation.

IShowSpeed sharing his net worth

This was not IShowSpeed’s first act of philanthropy, as he donated more than $50,000 towards the 2023 earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria in February 2023. 

On April 7, 2024, IShowSpeed took part in WWE’s WrestleMania XL. He dressed as a bottle Prime, promoting KSI and Logan Paul’s sports and energy drinks company, and got knocked out by Randy Orton on the commentators’ table.

He would later be a guest on the April 29, 2024, episode of WWE Raw to announce the second-round picks of the 2024 WWE Draft alongside Logan Paul.

IShowSpeed’s net worth – the bottom line

Despite his relatively young age, Darren Watkins Jr., alias IShowSpeed, has rapidly engaged millions of fans by streaming video games, making rap music, and participating in various virtual events through several collaborations. 

His unique style and personality revolve around fiery and often aggressive behavior and remarks. Although controversial, this type of content catered to a huge part of the Internet, turning Watkins into a wealthy content creator. Ultimately, IShowSpeed’s net worth is approximately $10 million, which is a significant amount of money, especially for someone still under 20. 

FAQs about IShowSpeed’s net worth

What is IShowSpeed's net worth?

IShowSpeed’s net worth is $10 million, which the ambitious young social media influencer earned by gaming, streaming, and rapping.

How does IShowSpeed make his money?

IShowSpeed has earned a hefty amount of money from his YouTube channels. Focusing in gaming and music videos, Speed has carved his niche among the social media platform’s younger demographics. In addition to YouTube, he has leveraged his brand to participate in boxing and other business ventures.

Did IShowSpeed promote Prime?

In April, 2024, IShowSpeed participated in WWE’s WrestleMania XL. He dressed as a bottle of Prime, promoting the sports and energy drinks company.

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