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Hedera Loses Recent Gains While Milei Moneda ($MEDA) Looks To Rival FLOKI: Is $MEDA Set To Rip To New Heights?

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  • Hedera (HBAR) is still reeling from the effects of fake BlackRock news.
  • FLOKI slips the meme coin ranks, losing its spot to BONK.
  • Milei Moneda’s ($MEDA) presale is the next stop for investors to reap massive rewards in the crypto-verse.

Hedera (HBAR) is still battling the aftermath of its false announcement of a commercial deal with BlackRock. While HBAR rallied almost 100% after the announcement, the token has lost the gains.

On the other hand, FLOKI is facing competition from rivals like WIF and BONK, as the Solana memecoins have bypassed the meme giant on the rankings. While WIF skipped past FLOKI last week to rank fourth in the meme sector, BONK flipped FLOKI recently to get into fifth place.

And amid all the overtaking, there’s Milei Moneda ($MEDA) and its trailblazing prospects. Investors and analysts are inclined to invest in $MEDA; FLOKI might face further challenges from Milei Moneda in the coming weeks.

Economize Like Milei: Invest in $MEDA!

Huge Losses Hit Hedera’s Profile for April

Hedera has struggled in the past seven days, as the HBAR altcoin price nosedived almost immediately after reaching 100% profits. Hedera released a misunderstood statement, claiming BlackRock ETF had moved its tokenization to the HBAR network.

As expected, this caused a massive rally for Hedera. Even though the token couldn’t sustain it long-term, things went even worse for HBAR from then on. The price of HBAR has dipped by 50% over the past week.

BlackRock went public with a statement refuting its partnership with Hedera, and all hell broke loose. Now, HBAR has lost all its pump gains, and Hedera is still halting the downturn. While top crypto coins are consolidating for a bullish wave, HBAR will be dealing with the aftershocks for the next few weeks.

Floki Inu vs Milei Moneda

We rarely have much longevity or plans to sustain long-term profits when it comes to meme coins. That’s because most meme coins have taken the reputation for being pump-and-dump tokens, and traders have grown accustomed to trading them only during coin rallies.

Still, Floki Inu managed to show resilience. The FLOKI token has applications as a DeFi coin and governance coin, and there is a Metaverse that Floki Inu hosts for gaming enthusiasts. In other words, FLOKI is a complete project, and that’s what the Milei Moneda token is aiming for.

Milei Moneda’s ambitions take it past the meme market. Much like Floki Inu, $MEDA’s ecosystem will feature top DeFi projects to provide utilities to crypto users. However, unlike FLOKI, Milei Moneda is designed to be a constant stream of profits.

From platform rewards to profits directly from the DeFi projects, $MEDA will offer top returns for both short-term and long-term investments. While FLOKI is down 22% from the past month, $MEDA has emerged as one of the best altcoins to buy.

Milei Moneda: Never-Ending Rewards From the World of Memes

Like other meme tokens, you are in for profits when $MEDA tokens launch in the next three weeks. Getting into Milei Moneda is easy; join the presale today, get your $MEDA tokens, and anticipate launch day. Each token sells for $0.0125 in the ongoing Stage 2 of its presale, and you receive a 60% profit by May 21, 2024, when $MEDA launches on Uniswap at $0.020!

But the journey to profits doesn’t end there. Apparently, Milei Moneda has plans to stay relevant in the crypto-verse, unlike many of its meme coin counterparts, and $MEDA is counting on its users to make that happen.

Milei Moneda believes strongly in building new DeFi projects on its platform to draw in traffic from traders. This ambition makes it a direct competitor with the top DeFi coins and ensures that $MEDA remains a strong influence among memes and in the crypto-verse.

The already expanding $MEDA community comprises users who will hodl their tokens after the presale, raking in more profits over the following months.

These users will be instrumental in deciding Milei Moneda’s future. Moreover, for their dedication, they will directly benefit from the profits from $MEDA’s projects and the deflationary policy.


The recent debacle dealt Hedera a massive price blow. On the other hand, FLOKI is showing quite some resilience, and while its utility gives hope to Floki investors, experts believe bears can take over. Meanwhile, Milei Monedas launch on Uniswap is a few weeks away, and investors are excited about its future trajectory. Nevertheless, analysts believe $MEDA has the features to be termed the best crypto to buy at the moment. 

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