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How Forbes’ Doxxing Accidentally Made BlockDAG the Most Talked-About Crypto Right Now

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The crypto industry is famous for the anonymity of its trailblazers. Those unfamiliar with crypto may be surprised to find out that Satoshi Nakamoto, founder of cryptocurrency pioneer Bitcoin, goes by a pseudonym. To this very day, their identity remains a mystery. 

Similarly, the true identity of Shiba Inu’s founder, known only as ‘Ryoshi’, is an enigma. However, it was speculated for a while that Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin was behind the project, which might’ve led to SHIB’s seemingly overnight success. And with the BlockDAG project, it seems history might repeat itself. A Forbes article may have revealed who’s behind BlockDAG, unintentionally boosting its presale numbers. 

What is BlockDAG? And Where Did it Come From?

Often called the ‘Kaspa killer’, BlockDAG aims to reinvent the crypto space with its take on proof-of-work systems and the DAG protocol. Having both smart contract and mining capabilities, BlockDAG is truly one of its kind, solving decentralisation problems with its hybrid consensus mechanism. 

It eliminates orphan blocks, enhancing security and user-friendliness, offering parallel transaction processing for transparency. BlockDAG Network (BDAG) balances speed, security, and decentralisation, processing 10 blocks per second. Plus, BlockDAG’s diverse mining options cater to all, from beginners to advanced users, ensuring significant returns.

The people behind BlockDAG are unknown as of this writing, although rumours have been circulating that a Silicon Valley bigshot was pulling the strings. So far, the network has raised over $21 million and sold over 8 billion BDAG coins and 5,000 mining rigs. Now, with the recent Forbes article, the name of that bigshot has been revealed, sending shockwaves throughout the crypto world. 

How Forbes (Accidentally) Doxxed a Member of BlockDAG’s Advisory Committee

Popular finance magazine Forbes unwittingly revealed the name of one of BlockDAG’s team members. An elusive ‘Charlie Lee’ is on the network’s advisory committee, sharing his name with another prominent figure in crypto. Could this be the Silicon Valley giant everyone’s been talking about? It could be possible. 

Savvy crypto investors quickly took notice and rushed to take advantage of the opportunity. Now raking in $50,000 – $1 million daily, the BlockDAG presale is expected to conclude within less than a year. The presale boost has also fueled rumours that BlockDAG could be a giant social experiment. 

Where Will BlockDAG Go From Here?

2024 is already shaping up to be an explosive year for BlockDAG, having released its keynote address in the most crowded part of Shibuya, Japan, celebrating its technical whitepaper release in the Sphere, Las Vegas, and another keynote video slated for release on June 1st. 

Forever dedicated to transparency, BlockDAG has announced an official doxxing event for July 2024, and given how Forbes’ premature doxxing has boosted BlockDAG’s presale numbers by a significant amount, one can only imagine how far BlockDAG will rise after it officially reveals its team members. 

The cryptosphere thrives on a certain level of anonymity. It’s part of the decentralised ethos, but it also adds a layer of intrigue and speculation. The Forbes leak, though likely unintentional, thrust BlockDAG into the spotlight and fuels this very phenomenon, as the promised doxxing event in July 2024 becomes even more anticipated. Will revealing the team behind the curtain further propel BlockDAG’s success, or will a touch of mystery prove more beneficial in the long term?  Only time will tell how this delicate balance between transparency and anonymity will influence BlockDAG’s trajectory.


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