Hublot deploys blockchain-backed e-warranty to fight counterfeits

Hublot fights counterfeits through blockchain
5 months ago
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Luxury watchmaker Hublot will apply the electronic warranty system for its watches in a bid to fight counterfeits. The e-warranty has been realized after Hubolt signed a partnership with tech firm KerQuest. 

Hublot’s e-warranty will be compatible with all watches produced at the start of 2020 and it will be registered on the AURA luxury blockchain network.

KerQuest system enables recognition through its solution that identifies objects through smartphone photos. It will leverage on Hublot watch’s unique material make-up and artificial intelligence technology.

Once Hublot watches are out of production, they are photographed, and the point of sale uses Hublot’s e-warranty application to take a picture of the face of the watch. The warranty is activated after the photo has been sent to the server that determines its authenticity. 

Every Hublot watch is unique due to the singularities of their microstructure that distinguish them. 

Hublot’s journey towards e-warranty feature

Hublot’s CEO Ricardo Guadalupe commented on the company’s journey towards achieving the e-warranty feature. According to Guadalupe: 

“After being one of the first companies in the world to equip its watches with an electronic warranty in 2009, Hublot is once again innovating with the Hublot e-warranty. Hublot will use an electronic passport and warranty system, much like facial recognition, based on the uniqueness of the materials that make up its watches. This advanced technology required more than three years of research and development in partnership with the company KerQuest.”

He added that despite using complex algorithm, the system is easy to use.

“Today, thanks to the Hublot e-warranty, a simple photo taken with a mobile phone is all it takes to activate the warranty and access it while verifying the authenticity of the product. Although the technology developed relies on complex algorithms, it is simple and user friendly. A perfect fusion between technological complexity and ease of use.”

Hublot e-warranty project is a flagship of the LVMH conglomerate’s initiative to fight counterfeit luxury brands. The initiative has been running for about one year.

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